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Together with a blogger friend and some media peeps, we traveled to Bataan to take part in a media tour organized by the Provincial Tourism Office. It was my first time to be in the province, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Discovering Bataan proved to be a delightful experience.


Saverde Coffee Shop


Our first stop was at Saverde Coffee Shop. It was the perfect destination to greet us after a two-hour drive from the metro.


With Willy Rivas, the owner of Saverde.


Willy Rivas treated us to some really good food! Saverde is a product of his wife’s passion for cooking. The business had its rough times when they were just starting, and Willy was skeptic about pushing through with it. But his wife was persistent. Saverde eventually proved to be a worthwhile venture. One of the factors that kicked off the business’ success is having had been featured on a TV show called “Biyahe ni Drew”. It’s no wonder Willy Rivas appears to be a believer in influencer marketing.


Saverde’s dedication to providing first-rate service is also a factor. Alan Balbuena of the Provincial Tourism Office told me about how the staff would take the effort to scour the market for available mangoes, so they could offer their famous Mango Burst drink even when the fruit is off season. Consistency, after all, is one of the factors that ensure the success of a business. They also keep the price of the drink the same even when they have to purchase the mangoes at higher prices. All in the name of consistency.



Beef Tapa (cured beef). The tapa was a little too sweet for me, but that’s exactly what their customers keep coming back for.


Beef tapa is Saverde’s specialty. Uniquely prepared with rice wrapped in scrambled egg (probably inspired by the Japanese omurice), Saverde’s beef tapa is fit for a fine dining experience. But you’ll be surprised to find it’s one of the value meals offered at Saverde. You can have this meal for only P75!


Buttermilk Toast


You can have their buttermilk toast, a thick slice of buttery and creamy toasted bread, for only P25. Unbelievable, right?




We were served tons of other good stuff. The plan was not to eat too much, because we were gonna hit the beach. Who wants to look bloated in a two-piece, right? But dear heavens, who can resist these treats?




We arrived at Saverde early. The tables and chairs were not yet set up in the other dining area.


Saverde has two dining areas, one with interiors in muted colors that lend a comfortable, unfussy feel characteristic of coffee shops, and another with interiors in bursts of pink that give it a youthful vibe. They also have spacious function areas for events.



Saverde Coffee Shop is located along Gabon St. in Abucay, Bataan.


Calle Bantayan


We had our dinner at Calle Bantayan, a restaurant that specializes in Filipino cuisine. Their service is also fit for a more upscale dining, but at budget meal prices. It’s crazy how affordable food is at these Bataan restaurants. I kept wishing they had branches near my home! hahah


Lechon Sisig served on a sizzling plate


I had lechon sisig for dinner. There’s a tinge of buttery taste to it. And the lechon was a little crisp on the outside but tender on the inside. Just the right texture! I love lechon, sisig, and butter, so this meal was ooh la la for me.


                                           Calle Bantayan Menu


You’ll find Calle Bantayan at Bantayan St. , Brgy. San. Isidro, Mariveles, Bataan



Calle Bantayan has modern, stylish interiors.



Ima’s Pamangan


We dropped by Ima’s Pamangan to have lunch before heading to a port where a boat was waiting to take us to Playa La Caleta, an ecotourism resort in Morong, Bataan.


Ima’s Panganan is located at Gov. JJ Linao highway AlaUli Pilar Bataan, Pilar, right along the same route you’d take to reach Mt. Samat National Shrine.


Ima’s Kapampangan is a buffet restaurant that offers authentic Kapampangan cuisine, along with other Filipino dishes. It’s so popular it’s frequented by local and foreign celebrities and dignitaries.


I come from a family of people who make great Filipino dishes, so I am a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to local cuisine. I did not find the food at Ima’s Kapampangan particularly impressive. But that’s just me.


The place was packed with people! You can avail of “eat all you can” for only P200.



                           Made mostly of wood, Ima’s Kapampangan has a rustic feel to it.


Of course, food is just a fraction of the whole travel experience. Read more about Bataan’s historical wonders and ecotourism marvel via the links below:


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Watch out for my blog where I’ll take about Where to Stay in Bataan.


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