Keep a Cool Head this Summer! How to Beat the Summer Heat


Practically everyone loves summer. It spares us the inconvenience of the wet season, and gives us an excuse to hit the beach and be out and about. But the idea of summer is not all that sunny when you consider the humidity and scorching hot days that go with it. This is especially true for tropical countries like the Philippines. Boy oh boy does it get hard to keep a cool head sometimes – both figuratively and literally. The summer heat can leave us feeling irritable. Worse, it can lead to excessive sweating that can cause a build-up of dandruff on our scalp.


There’s no stopping the summer heat. And we cannot always control the environment we’re in (staying cooped up in an air conditioned room is not always possible!). What we can control is what we do with our body. So beat the summer heat by drinking enough water to keep your body hydrated, wearing light-colored cotton clothing, and avoiding protein-heavy meals that increase your body’s metabolic heat. And of course, keep your dandruff under control to avoid the irritating itchiness and the unsightly flakes.



Head & Shoulders aims to help us #KeepACoolHead. They recently gathered bloggers, influencers and their brand ambassadors for the unveiling of new limited edition H&S summer shampoos.


Nico Bolzico, An Estrada, Janina Manipol, and Chie Filomena are proud Head & Shoulders ambassadors


with Maebel Chan of Madame Lindt and Dale Palisoc of The Little Binger (Photo courtesy of MadameLindt)



with Nico Bolzico, Argentinean businessman and model.




Head & Shoulders released variants that are designed to help you keep things cool this summer. You’ll feel and smell fresh all day long. Try the Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh if you want a refreshing scent, Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol if a minty cooling sensation is just what you’re looking for, or the Head & Shoulders Lemon Fresh if a citrusy lemon blast scent is just the summer breather you need. 


“I’m always on the go, whether it be for work or for leisure, and I always make it a point to bring my trusty travel essentials that keep me feeling cool and refreshed. When the sun’s high up, I keep the energy up too with a burst of freshness thanks to Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh on some days, and Head & Shoulders Lemon Fresh on other days,” says Chie Filomeno, a local TV personality and an avid traveler.


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Launched in 1961, Head & Shoulders was the first to bring to people the powerful benefits of zinc pyrithione, or more popularly known as ZPT.


One of the major causes of dandruff is Malassezia, a yeastlike fungus that is naturally present on people’s skin. Dandruff problems occur when the fungus grows too rapidly, disturbing the natural renewal of cells. This causes extra skin cells to die and eventually fall off.



ZPT has antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it effective against many pathogens, Malassezia included.


Stress also causes dandruff, albeit indirectly. It leads to a weakened immune system leaving you susceptible to pathogens. So remember to keep stress under control by learning to ride the sometimes ferocious waves of life. The sweltering summer heat is always gonna come to stifle us, only to be replaced by torrential rains that soak us to immobility. And of course, there are those fine days to be thankful for. Just like the seasons, life has its ups and downs, and the cherished blissful moments. Learn to glide along with acceptance of the bad days and gratitude for the good ones. The right mindset, coupled with a healthy lifestyle will help you cruise through life.



Don’t let the heat or itchy dandruff keep you from making the most out of this summer. Keep chasing the sun and battling the heat, and you’ll have a summer to remember. Hit the beach, dip in the pool, and spend a lot of time outdoors. Just remember to take care of your body and your hair, and you’ll be ready for anything. And as always, it helps to #KeepACoolHead.




A number of lucky users who bought a bottle of H&S from Lazada won a chance to meet and greet the Head & Shoulders ambassadors at the event and enjoy a chill-out afternoon. 



To celebrate Lazada’s 6th Birthday, Head and Shoulders will be giving out exciting promos, discounts, and bundles on April 25-27. Head over to the Lazada Official Head & Shoulders Store on these dates so you can catch the cool summer deals.




#KeepACoolHead this summer, and have the best time ever! 


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