Playa La Caleta – Discovering a Hidden Paradise Resort in Bataan (Part 2)


Together with a blogger friend and some peeps from media, I got the chance to experience a hidden paradise resort in Bataan. Called Playa La Caleta, the resort is a cove that has a long stretch of white sand beach, a lush mountain jungle, and three waterfalls. There is also a nearby islet called the Miguelito Island. A small fee of Php 300 will give you access to all these and more!



Playa La Caleta is also an ecotourism resort. It’s a protected marine turtle sanctuary, and is managed by people who strive to stay true to the spirit of ecotourism – conserving the environment and promoting responsible travel.


This post is a continuation of another blogpost I wrote that further talks about Playa Caleta and the activities it offers – stand up paddling, kayaking, wind surfing, and more! You can click here to read it.



Approaching the resort


Yours truly, Tahna de Veyra of Urban Ponder


Turquoise waters, white sand beach, and lush greenery. Ooh la la



We stayed in air conditioned beach rooms



Accommodations at Playa La Caleta


Cottages and Gazebo Huts


The resort has eight cottages that can accommodate six people each. There are also five gazebo huts that can fit in up to four people each.



Cottages and gazebo huts have built-in ceiling fans, privacy curtains, picnic tables, sleeping mats, pillows, mosquito nets, lights, and electric outlets.



Tents at the Camping Area



You can either bring your own tent and pay a pitching fee, or rent tents at the resort. PLC tents can fit in up to three people and are offered with optional mattresses and pillows. The resort also offers Beach Mats that will help keep your tent dry from under it or a Tent Fly to keep your tent dry from above – all great for the rainy season.



Their outdoor showers are a literal work of art.


The mural inside one of the outdoor showers is modeled after a multimedia artwork created by Migs Camacho, owner of PLC.




Beach Rooms


PLC recently introduced its first cluster of air conditioned beach rooms, with five facing the beach and another five facing the forest. Each room is good for two people. You can bring in an additional person to share the room, but you’ll have to pay a fee and request for an extra mattress.


The art pieces on the wall are paper mache made in Laguna. Creating this type of artwork since 1800, the province has become famous for producing the finest paper mache. The pieces in the beach rooms are products of the collaboration between the Playa La Caleta Art Program and Takatack Project Initiative, which aims to showcase the fine craftsmanship and artistry of Filipinos.



Each beach room is a permanent exhibit, with art pieces depicting forest animals in the forest-facing rooms and marine animals in the sea-facing rooms.


The beach rooms do not have an ensuite bathroom. But you’ll get access to a bathroom pavilion and outdoor showers that are exclusive for beach room users. This is a bit of an inconvenience, but the resort’s owner, Migs Camacho, explained that this is in keeping with their efforts to conserve and stay true to the spirit of ecotourism. The bathrooms were clean though and the toilets have a bidet (the one important feature I look for in restrooms!), so I can’t complain.


The beach rooms also come with exclusive outdoor picnic tables, benches, and umbrellas, as well as a posh sun deck facing the sea.




Other features of the beach rooms are air conditioning with climate control, ceiling fan, blackout curtains, queen size bed, two pillows, duvet, blanket, LCD Flat Screen TV, clock, clothes cabinet, mini refrigerator, bottled water, coffee and tea making facilities, 24/7 housekeeper and a safety deposit box upon request.


An island honeymoon villa is soon to be introduced at PLC.


Prices are in Philippine Peso



Beach room users get access to this Sun Deck facing the sea.


At the sun deck. They prepared equipment so we could have a movie night. Unfortunately, the power supply failed us that night, and the equipment refused to work.


Prices are in Philippine Peso


Many of the developments in the resort were finished only late last year. We got to claim first dibs!



Food and Services at Playa La Caleta


Guests are allowed to bring their own food and drinks to Playa La Caleta. You may also bring your own ingredients and cook your food in the resort. For this, you can either bring your own cooking implements or rent portable grills at the PLC sports shop. You will also find an open-air kitchen and grill area behind bathroom pavilion #2. You will have to use charcoal and oil, as LPG is not included. You may borrow plates and utensils at PLC, but availability is limited. It’s best to bring your own.


You may buy raw ingredients at the new Balanga Public Market in Balanga City, Bataan or at the Bagac Public Market in Bagac, Bataan. The latter is advisable if you will be taking your boat transfer via the port of Fajardo’s Beach Resort. At the main junction of the highway, you will find a 7/11 store that sells rice, meat, fish, vegetables, drinks, ice, oil, and charcoal.


If you’re the type would rather not bring or cook food, you’d be delighted to know that PLC has a newly opened restaurant called Scarborough.  


The restaurant is named after Scarborough Island, which is located near PLC. It’s the owner’s way of asserting that yes, we do own the island. A patriotic stance, if you will.


Me with Mano Ric, the cook at Scarborough. He was lamenting over how the restaurant does not have enough supply just yet, and laughing at my stupid jokes. hahah. The restaurant is so new, they had barely finished assembling the brand-new tables when I arrived. They’ve also just set up music instruments. Scarborough will be featuring acoustic and band performances soon.


With Gel Miranda and Onin Miranda of Euro TV and Net 25 and Via of Encyclopevia. We had sweet and sour fish. And I loved it!


Mano Ric’s special Binacol. It was the first time I tried this dish, and I loved it! It’s chicken cooked with coconut water and buko or young coconut meat. The result is chicken bathing in soup that is naturally sweet. Food in the Philippines is usually cooked with coconut milk, so this was delightfully unique.


Prices are in Philippine Peso




You can request for a boodle fight in the streams.


Promoting Responsible Travel


Playa La Caleta is serious about conserving the environment and promoting responsible travel. Guests are encouraged to follow their “Leave No Trace” policy. What you bring into the island, you must take back with you when you leave. You are also prohibited from bringing home any starfish, shell, or sea creature from PLC.


Here’s Migs Camacho with a few reminders for people who’d like to travel to Playa La Caleta.




Did you know the world is currently celebrating the 48th anniversary of Earth Month? What better excuse to experience responsible travel?


Here’s how you can reach Playa La Caleta …


How to Get to Playa La Caleta









For more information, feel free to reach out to Playa La Caleta

Office Address: 802 Antel Building, Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, MM, Philippines 1605

Business Hours: 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday

Email: (for all inquiries & bookings)

Cellphone: +639567959420 (Globe) +639995887220 (Smart)

Telephone: +632 6379147 to 48 (for urgent matters only)

Fax: +632 5763226

Facebook: PlayalaLaletaBataan

Instagram: PlayaLaCaletaBataan


Click here to learn more about Playa La Caleta and the activities you can do in the resort.


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  1. Really nice review on this hidden spot. I wish I can go there one day and try hiking on my own, especially because I also try to support environment friendly places on my blog.

  2. This looks like such a unique place. I love how eco friendly they are. And I love all the accommodation choices you have there. It would be lovely to stay in those cottages or beach rooms.

  3. Wow, I would definitely love to traipse my feet in this slice of paradise. I love that it has so much to offer, which would give me enough time to commune with nature. I would love to get to the lush jungle and explore waterfalls If I get the chance to go here. The food in their beanery looks tempting and luscious and I love their excellent service as well. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  4. What a truly jam packed trip. I love you guys got to try a new restaurant literally furniture wasn’t finished but they cooking up a storm!! That’s my kinda kitchen. You look like you had a wonderful time though and I’m really glad xxx

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