Playa La Caleta – Discovering a Hidden Paradise Resort in Bataan (Part 1)


Our hosts at the Provincial Tourism Office of Bataan treated us to a stay at Playa La Caleta. This was part of their media outreach to promote the festivities that commemorate the Philippine Veterans Week and Day of Valor. The site of one of the most vicious and impactful battles in the history not just of the Philippines but of the rest of the world, Bataan is known for its historical attractions. Many have yet to recognize the province as the ecotourism destination that it is. Here, I’ll take you to one of the hidden wonders of Bataan.


Playa La Caleta (PLC)


Taking the extra mile to conserve the environment and promote responsible travel, Playa La Caleta (PLC) is the epitome of ecotourism. A hidden cove located in the municipality of Morong, this ecotourism resort is a gem in Bataan many have yet to discover.


Playa La Caleta (which is Spanish for Beach Cove) is a 100-hectare cove or coastal inlet with a white sand beach stretching out by a kilometer at the front, three waterfalls waiting to be explored at the back, and a lush mountain jungle tucked in the middle. Off to the left side of the cove is Miguelito Island, an islet where you can dip in a tidal pool, go snorkeling, and jump off a cliff.



Yours truly, Tahna de Veyra of Urban Ponder



For an entrance fee of Php 300, you get access to the 1-kilometer white sand beach & waist-deep waters, two natural spring pools, bathroom and shower facilities, 28 outdoor showers, tire swing areas, beach umbrellas and chairs, hammocks, open-type kitchen and grill area, restaurant/bar/cafe, lounge areas, sports shop and general store.


The small fee also provides access to the bird/fowl mini-zoo, Miguelito Island’s tidal pools, snorkeling/swimming areas, and cliff jumping area. Overnight guests get to enjoy acoustic nights and movie nights on the beach.



Via Galang-Tancuan of Encyclopevia


Olive-Ridley Turtle Hatching Site


Home to pawikan turtle or olive-ridley turtle species, PLC was recently discovered as a marine turtle sanctuary. So don’t be surprised to find hatchlings on the beach or giant turtles in the sea, especially around the cold months of October to January. Every year, turtles hatch on the beach of PLC, after which the hatchlings go back to the sea. The PLC management team records and documents these activities and implements standard marine-friendly releasing procedures.



Activities on the Island


One thing I love about Playa La Calata is that there are tons of things to do in the resort. I can’t swim, so it’s great to have something to keep me busy even if I can’t get my own feet and hands to paddle away in the water.

Migs Camacho, the owner of PLC, patiently taught me how to do some water sports. I am not really the athletic type, so it was especially delightful for me to get the chance to do a bit of sporty stuff. It helped knowing that I was in a cove. Open seas feel more treacherous to me, like they would literally wash me away.


Migs Camacho, and some of the water sports equipment available at PLC. The resort aims to limit our carbon footprint, so they don’t offer any motorized equipment. They also want to make a statement – that we can have fun without causing unnecessary stress to the environment.


I got to try stand up paddling, wind surfing, kayaking, and slip n slide. Other water sports you could do at the resort are skimboarding, bodyboarding, snorkeling, and surfboarding.


There are also amenities or nets for volleyball, beach football, American or Aero football and badminton right on the beach.



Safety first! Wearing a life vest is mandatory for all water-sports activities at PLC.


Baby steps. Tried Stand Up Paddling while kneeling first. Listen to the sound of the water, guys. So calming.


Finally did Stand Up Paddling while actually standing. hahah


I did it!  Migs is telling me in the video that some prefer to do SUP when there are waves in the sea. I think I’d much prefer it still though. hahah


The sea remains waist-deep a good distance from the shore. Great for kids and uhmm people like me. hahah. The weather also worked in my favor, with the sea perfectly still.



Tried windsurfing … and failed! hahah


The sail was too heavy for me! You will hear Gel Miranda of Euro TV laughing while saying, “The sail is heavier than Tahna.” 


Kayaking with my pregnant blogger friend, Via of Encyclopevia


Slip n Slide. It was fuuun!!! 



Activities, Equipment and Fees


Prices are in Philippine Peso


Prices are in Philippine Peso







Click here to learn more about Accommodations / Amenities available at Playa La Caleta! 


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11 thoughts on “Playa La Caleta – Discovering a Hidden Paradise Resort in Bataan (Part 1)

  1. I learned new term “Playa La Caleta” which is from Spanish. That’s cheap for 300 pesos, you get to enjoy the amenities of the resort. Been wanting to try paddling, hope to do this soon.

  2. Playa La Caleta seems like the perfect place to relax and indulge in some water sports. They certainly offer a lot of activities. I would love to visit one day when I return to the Philippines.

  3. I loved reading about the history of Playa La Caleta, especially the turtle hatching part 🙂 In another life, I would be an ecologist and travel around the world learning about different animals. But I just watch nature shows on TV now…ha – anyway, great job with the stand-up boarding! that is a tricky activity because it requires a lot of balance.

    Lastly, you shouldn’t be a “hesitant blogger!” just write what you love and people will read it (if not in the numbers you want, you are still expressing yourself)

  4. It’s a very nice overview on what to do on the island. I have never been there but it looks very pretty. Right now I am in Indonesia and looking for new ideas for the next destination. Thanks for sharing, hope I can go there.

  5. Beautiful place! Aaw, I would love to see those little baby turtles after they hatch. I’m glad they mark the area and this way notify the visitors to be careful. Otherwise they would have no idea the eggs are there. Looks like you had a lovely stay!

  6. How great of you to try these watersports even though you can’t swim. Thankfully the water was shallow enough for you to try it. I’ve always though how heavy the windsurfing sail must be and now I see it’s not that easy. Kudos for you to try it though. This looks like such a wonderful beach. I love how calm the water was there.

  7. Sounds like there’s so much to do. More activities to plan your day and I can see how much you enjoyed there. Thanks for sharing about this awesome holiday spot.

  8. Wow, this is a place I would love to traipse my feet. I love that it is still so untouched and not touristy. Knowing that there is so much to do here, even you don’t know how to swim is something amazing and this Island is seemed to be friendly enough for visitors. I have not tried stand up paddling, windsurfing, and kayaking before and this is something I should try here when I get the chance to come to this paradise. Kudos to the Provincial Tourism Office of Bataan for their media outreach, it will be a great help for their tourism.

  9. What a beautiful place! And it looks like it is filled with fun with the turtles and the paddling. So fun!!

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