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When summer arrives, moods seem to lift. Whether this is to do with SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) or just the warmer weather putting a smile one everybody’s face, there’s some sort of sense of nostalgia that floats through the air which is just infectious to everybody. We think back to play days in the park, afternoons spent sprinkling hoses around the garden trying to get cool and a few ice creams thrown in for good measure. Now that we’re adults, it’s like a bit of the magic has been lost – but that doesn’t mean that it’s gone for good. It just means that we are expecting bigger and better things … and who are we to stop you?


Go Big With The Ice Cream

Now that you don’t have anybody to put limits on what you can and can’t do with your food, it’s time to go completely overboard. Think of all of the ice cream flavours that you love, and invest in some decorations to go with them – think rainbow sprinkles, wafers, anything you can think of. If you’re not one for cones, get some fancy sundae glasses for you to put your creation into. You can be as bold as you want and nobody can stop you!


Create Your Own Fun Space

Don’t think that you have to sit inside your house when the weather gets warmer … or even your garden! For most people, there is a lot of roof space that they aren’t utilising to its full potential. To make sure that it is safe to use, you will need to make sure that the grounding is sound and that you have a roof fall protection system put in place just to ensure that nobody falls. Once this is all in place, you can really go to town on making yourself a little haven just for the summer months. This is especially good if you live in a city. Cities can generally get a lot warmer than a home out in the countryside due to the increased amount of bodies, traffic and buildings which retain the warmth and then generate more to add on top. Elevating yourself above it can be quite cooling for you.


Remember To Use Protection …

Suncream is still really important, no matter what age you are. Make sure that you get an SPF above 30 so that you are blocking out all of the harmful rays that are out to cause damage to your skin. Sunglasses aren’t just for fashion, either – they can genuinely be a great thing to invest in to help to protect your eyes. If you are truly concerned about style in summer, then have a look at what’s trending in terms of summer hats and then pick one that you would like to sport throughout the coming months. This is a good way of keeping your head cool and burn-free, as well as looking absolutely flawless! You don’t have to not look the part to keep safe.


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