The 3 P’s To Success In Music


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If you have ever thought about being a famous or successful musician, then you are by no means alone. As it happens, this is easily one of the most common dreams that people have. But just because it is so common doesn’t mean that you can’t get there if you really want to. As long as you know what you are doing, you should find that projecting yourself into this kind of career should actually be relatively straightforward. However, there are a few key things which you should consider if you want to do it right. Let’s have a look at what those are.



If there is one thing you really can’t avoid, it is practice. For anyone who really wants to be in the music industry in a big way practice is always going to be essential – not just at this point, but at every other stage of your career. When you practice, you should make every effort to do so in a way which makes the practice session as effective and as efficient as possible. You should practice, in other words, with practice in mind – as well as just playing for the fun of it, which is also a kind of valid of practice. You should also play with others as much as possible. Music is, above all, a collaborative performance art, and learning to play with different people of different styles is an important part of any musician’s development.


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At some point, you will start thinking about the production of your music. This process of turning your music into a product can be full of ups and downs. But if you want to get into music, then this is going to prove essential. When you are producing your music, try your hardest to source the best equipment you can possibly find. It might mean borrowing from a friend or even splashing out to hire it. Either way, it will make all the difference to the finished product. Similarly, consider using a service like Nationwide when it comes to making your CDs or vinyl. Producing them in this way could help you save some money – money which you could then spend on musical equipment for your progression.



It’s a good idea to remind yourself as much as possible that music is a tricky industry to succeed in, and that it pays to be patient and persistent. It is highly unlikely that you will be rocketed to stardom overnight (and even if you do, you’ll have a long way to go). So be prepared to face a few disappointments along the way, and know that it is the ability and willingness to carry on regardless that makes the difference, not somehow magically never failing at all. If you are finding it hard at any point, then make sure you give yourself a break, calm down a little, and try to remind yourself of what it’s all about. It should be music first and foremost – fame and success after.


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