What Does Your Jewellery Say About You?


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The way people choose to dress can reveal a lot about their traits, personality, and even their wants and desires. We choose our clothes to reflect who we genuinely believe we are, and to enable us to either blend into the background, or stand out from the crowd. Jewellery and accessories are just one way for us to convey our personality, without even opening our mouths. When our personal style and our personalities go hand in hand, here is what your jewellery is saying about you.



Is the saying “less is more” a little bit offensive to you? Do you see your arms, legs, neck, and ears as sheer transportation for beautiful pieces of jewellery? Is it the case of the more sparkly, the better? Do the shiny gold bracelets at https://www.frostnyc.com give you butterflies in your tummy and an itchy online-shopping finger? Chances are, if you’re a queen of the bling, you’ve got a big personality, and you’re not afraid to show it. And your sparkly jewellery certainly helps you turn heads.


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The beauty of costume jewellery is its transience. It’s cheap, cheerful, beautiful, and commitment-free. So if you’re a fan of the brightly coloured, low-cost jewellery, what does that say about you? You’re certainly not a fashion victim. You’re probably fun-loving and free spirited, and not afraid to mix things up, take style-risks, and see them pay off. Your light-hearted and energetic personality is definitely reflected in your choice of jewellery.



The beautiful, rich colours and interesting styles of vintage jewellery mean their wearers aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. But there is an added romantic, sentimental edge to the wearer, who appreciates the history and beauty of classic pieces. The truth of the matter is, whether it’s your grandmother’s vintage brooch, or a beautiful piece bought from the market, the fact that someone else has owned, loved, and worn this piece with price before you means as much to you as how it looks.



Are you the minimalist jewellery type, whose plain gold studs and fine necklace chain add a lot to the outfit, but don’t shout out your presence to passers-by? You might be quite shy and reserved, but you might also just be a bit of a perfectionist. Lovers of subtle and understated jewellery understand the importance of a few pieces to complete a look.


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A lover of diamonds is an ambitious lady, however big your diamonds are. They show your desire to always reach new heights, gain new skills, and obtain new goals. A diamond lover is always looking forward and aiming high.

Whatever your jewellery style, it probably means more to you than just how it works with your outfit. It’s an outright reflection of your personality and what you hold dear, and that’s what makes it so important. The beauty of jewellery is that it allows you to be exactly who you want to be.


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