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Ask any business owner what they want and they will say, without hesitation, ‘more clients’. With so many businesses being online these days, it is no mean feat to reach that goaland – knowing how to raise the profile of your website. This effectively drives more traffic to your site and increase your customer base, and takes time and clever planning. Here are our top tricks to help you get started on building on the success of your online business.


Quality Content

The home page on your website is your first impression. You only have a few seconds to make sure that you grab visitors’ attention and that you form a connection with potential new customers. Therefore it is essential that the content on your website is intelligent, succinct and immediately delivers the benefit of your product or service.

Connecting with new visitors to your new site is not a one-size fits all approach and just because you know your business, doesn’t mean you know how to write about it in a way that will resonate with your target market. Therefore you are going to need to look for high quality content writing services that will be able to word your business up in a way that will make people sit up and take notice of what it is that you’re offering.


SEO Lives On

Although we may be more focused on increasing customer engagement on our sites rather than looking at the SEO content, it is still highly relevant and important to get it right. You must be looking at all the areas of your site where you can be improving the SEO. Are you using your image alt tags properly and making the most out of their SEO opportunities? What about your meta tags? There are so many little nooks and crannies that are available to us to try and increase our organic ranking on those all important search engines.


Be Social

It doesn’t stop just with good content however. Once you have created content that you are really proud of, it’s then time to start talking about it and proudly promoting it. There is really no better way to talk about new, emerging, or even well established business nowadays than through social media. With social media being so multifaceted the options available to business owners are extensive, so careful planning and strategic thinking is necessary in order to stand out from your competition.

Be short and sweet on Twitter to tease people with titbits of enticing information. Run promotional campaigns, leading back to your site, with platforms like facebook. Use Google+ to make sure your site is showing up in personalised search results. Pinterest and Instagram are great tools for sites selling directly to the end consumers. Look into all the different social media platforms at your disposal and plan how they can best be used to get people talking about you and to drive more traffic to your site.


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