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We all want to feel that we’re making a difference with our careers, don’t we? That’s the main reason we opt for admirable options. And, when it comes to admirable career choices, it doesn’t get much better than healthcare. Here, you’ll be at the front line, holding lives in your hands. If this is something you’re considering, the chances are that you already know about the possibilities of nursing or becoming a doctor. In truth, though, there’s a lot more to healthcare than just those main choices. If you hate the idea of working in the confinement of a hospital, this could still be a career option for you. All you need to do is learn about healthcare on the road. We’ve put together a list to help you gain some idea of the options!


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Ambulance Services

Top of the list and one you may already have considered is the ambulance service. This option would see you becoming a trained paramedic. You would go out and deal with emergencies at the scene. As such, it would be necessary to make snap decisions about the best plan of action. Your primary job would be to keep patients alive during the ambulance ride, no matter how long that might be.

You’ll also need to ensure you can drive competently. The speed with which you arrive could mean the difference between life and death. Ambulance operators work in pairs. Some days, you’d be in the back with the patient. Others, you’d be rushing through traffic. While most cars stop and pull over when they hear sirens, you’ll still need to handle the ambulance at top speed.


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Up In The Air

Or, perhaps something like the airevac service sounds like it would suit you better.
This isn’t dissimilar from the role of an ambulance paramedic, but it’s all up in the air. So, you need to ensure you can handle flying before you go in for this! If you get sick on fast helicopters, stick to the roads. If you think you would be able to handle it, though, this can be an enriching career. Bear in mind that this isn’t for the faint hearted. You would be called to the most extreme cases, and are sure to see some terrible situations.


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Door To Door Care

If you’re interested in healthcare with less urgency, you could always become a door to door carer. Instead of dealing with emergencies, you would be visiting patients in their homes. You would provide them with general care, company, and reassurance. For the most part, such carers visit the same patients each day. This is a fantastic choice if you want to build meaningful connections. While you may not be holding lives in your hands in quite the same way here, this career is still a challenge. Your patients will come to look forward to your visits. Often, you’ll be the first person to see them each day. If anything happened overnight, you’d be the one to handle it.


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