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As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees and visitors are safe in the workplace. If you are unable to do this, you could leave yourself open to lawsuits, and more importantly, be directly or indirectly responsible for some very serious accident and injuries. So, it’s in everyone’s interests that you do all you can to create a safe workspace. Here are some tips to help you do just that:


Ergonomic is the Way to Go

When it comes to furnishing your office or workspace, wherever possible, you should choose ergonomically designed furniture. This is furniture which supports, rather than hinders, the body during work. It is great at cutting down on back and neck injuries, repetitive strain injuries and general physical unwellness in the workplace.


Think About Flooring

Flooring is rarely a business owner’s first, fourth or even fifteenth concern, but it is more important that you might think. If your flooring isn’t level, and if it isn’t slip-proof, then it isn’t as safe as it can be. Slipping and tripping is one of the most common causes of accidents in and outside the workplace, so carefully choose your commercial and industrial flooring to make your workplace safer. Your employees and your insurance company will thank you for it.


Put Up Signs

It is important, and it might even be legally required, depending on your location, that you put up signs and notices in places that could be dangerous. If the floor has just been mopped, or if there are live cables on site, for example, you will need a sign post to let people know immediately. If you don’t, they could seriously injure themselves, and you could be looking at a huge legal/compensation bill.


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Install Security Measures

If you want your staff to be as safe as possible from outside threats while they’re at work, installing enough security cameras to cover the whole building, inside and out, and perhaps hiring a security guard or two is a sensible move. They won’t totally eliminate risk, but if you know who is and is not in your building, then you can minimize the likelihood of issues arising.


Supply the Right Equipment

None of your employees should ever be forced into completing a task with the incorrect tools. They should always have the perfect piece of equipment for the job, including clothing and goggles where necessary so that the chances of them falling from a height, drilling into a wire or, for example, cutting off their fingers are minimal to non-existent.


Offer Training

Whenever a new employee joins your company or whenever an employee is given a new role within the company, they should be offered comprehensive training. When your staff have the right level of knowledge they need to complete a task and work in the space, they are much less likely to get themselves into a serious accident. Training should be ongoing and regular to cover new risks as and when they arise.

Is your workplace safe? How do you promote safety within your business?


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