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We can all agree that a lot of businesses out there today, perhaps including yours, was started with an idea. One idea that consumed you and that you just wanted to make a reality. It was something you felt passionate about, that you had hope for, that you imagined would be your very success. Does it all sound familiar? Is it reminding you of those powerful emotions you once felt, and hopefully still do today? Your business becomes part of you, not matter what industry you are in or how easy or over complicated your products or services are. It is your business to move forward.


More and more people are becoming confident and are coming up with innovative ideas. This means many are starting up themselves. You may even find your industry becoming saturated with competitors all hoping to achieve the same thing. So how do you do things differently? How do you move your business forward? Sometimes it means going back to basics, often it means thinking outside of the box. I thought I would share with you some of the ways you could do it. I hope it provides you with some inspiration to make some changes in your business model and structure.



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What could you do that your competitors haven’t done just yet?


Sometimes you need to take a long hard look at others and take note of what they are doing badly so you know what to avoid. You also need to observe what they are doing well. It isn’t about copying people, it is more about seeing if doing things differently would increase sales and engagement. Maybe a smart application could be the way forward, with things like PCB software helping you design all of the elements to make it happen. It might be that your competitors aren’t advertising in a certain way, and it could be your chance to tap into a new market. Maybe when it comes to marketing they share content in a certain way, which leaves you with more leeway to try alternative methods, such as imagery or video content to boost your social media presence. Inspiration is all around you. You just need to keep your eyes wide open to it, so you know what to try and what to avoid.


Could you be more involved with you social media marketing?


Maybe you could be more involved with your social media marketing. Social media for your business is such a great way to boost performance. Many businesses are stepping out of their comfort zones and are becoming more creative online.

To improve your social media presence, try sharing more of who you are and what you are all about, rather than just sharing sales pitches. You may also take advantage of other tools like video editing, live chat or behind the scenes looks. Keep in mind that people buy from people. And in the digital work, you need to find alternative ways to be approachable.



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Is your website up to scratch?


More and more people are less likely to take a store on face value and more likely to jump on to search engines and look at a website first before anything else. Many people even prefer to do their shopping online with a huge increase in people buying clothes and even groceries online rather than heading to store. In an age of convenience and snappy responses, the Internet is becoming the “go to” place for all aspects of life. So your website needs to be up to the challenge. Speedy page loading times, strong brand awareness, and a quick and easy to use ecommerce element could be the fundamental ingredients. If you fear your website isn’t up to scratch, invest in it and seek the guidance of a web developer.


Could it be your chance to consider expansion in some way?


Finally, maybe you just needed a push to consider options of expansion. New shops or your first one within your local community. Expanding your product or service range to accommodate more exciting opportunities and progression. Expansion can be quite scary, but sometimes you need to push forward to reap the rewards of your success. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


I hope that these ideas have given you some inspiration to help move your business forward.



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