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We all want to travel as comfortably as possible, but the cost of true luxury when we’re seeing the world can quickly add up. Business and first-class tickets, luxury hotels, and great-tasting meals in high-end restaurants certainly don’t come cheap. However, there are certain tricks and tips you can apply to save a lot of money, without having to compromise on style and comfort. Here are some of the best ones to bear in mind for your next trip…


Go Out of Season

While it varies from place to place, there are some popular travel destinations where rates will shoot through the roof during high season. Summer, school holidays, and any time where there’s a big festival going on can make accommodation much more expensive, as well as plane tickets. On the other hand, traveling in the low season carries some risk, and once you’ve committed to a holiday and pumped a lot of money into it, the last thing you want is to experience bad weather day after day! The best time to travel is generally in between the peak and low season. Around this time, accommodation will be somewhat cheaper, the heat won’t be oppressive, and you’ll also be able to avoid the big crowds.


Stretch Out a Business Trip

If your work is already paying for your flights to a destination that you’re excited to visit, and a few days at hotels or other short term rentals, jump on the opportunity! Simply add a few more days onto the holiday for just a little extra money. If the trip is fast approaching, ask for permission to tack another couple of days on so you can get out of the bustle of the city, and go visit some site you really want to experience. Alternatively, if your partner is due to go away on business, consider any possibility of joining them on their trip. You’ll only have to pay for the one flight, and the amount you have to pay for accommodation will be greatly reduced.


Stay Somewhere Off the Beaten Track

All over the world, the closer you get to major cities, more specifically the center of those cities, the more expensive hotels and other accommodation will be. However, it’s easy enough to dodge these high prices by staying somewhere less popular, without having to compromise the quality of your stay. Go for Seville as opposed to Barcelona, Avignon as opposed to Paris, or whatever alternatives there are in the country you’re planning to visit. You’ll stay for less and eat for less than you would in the more popular tourist hotspots.


Look for Set Menus and Lunch Deals

One of the biggest expenses that comes with international travel is eating out. After all, you don’t want to let the holiday pass you buy without sampling some of the local cuisine! To get a taste for the country without the hefty price tag, try looking for set menus, or places that offer an affordable lunch deal. Research the restaurants in your area, and investigate everything they have to offer. You may get an infinity brunch that offers great value, or a heavenly afternoon tea that will barely make a dent in your traveling budget!


Start Racking Up Airmiles

Flights are another big item on any traveler’s bill, but you can even make these cheaper by racking up airmiles. Countless credit card companies, supermarkets, and other businesses offer schemes where you can earn airmiles through making purchases. There are also various airline clubs you can join that will offer handy discounts on jet-setting around the world. Depending on the scheme and how often you can earn airmiles, you may even find first and business-class tickets more affordable than you ever could have imagined. This can be a welcome break for all of you who love to see the world, but hate the discomfort of long flights in economy.


Research Exchange Rates

If you’ve got a lot of countries and sights on your hit-list, then it’s a good idea to choose destinations based on how strong your currency is there. For example, if you lived in the UK and traveled to Canada in 2015, the pound would have been extremely strong against the Canadian dollar, meaning that everything from hotels to restaurants to shopping would offer excellent value. The next time you’re planning your trip, check out a currency converter, and see if there are any destinations on your list that really stand out for currency value.

Apply some of these tricks and tips, and you’ll experience more luxury traveling for a far less money!


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