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It’s always exciting when you book a holiday. But when you are going further afield to somewhere amazing like the states, it can be even more exciting in the run-up to the trip. After all, with fantastic places like New York, Las Vegas, and Florida, it’s no wonder millions visit the states for a vacation. However, if you are going to make the trip to the country, there are some things you need to do in advance. In fact, here are some travel essentials you need for the states.


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You need to get a stack of dollars

As you may know, the states use dollars for their currency. And the best news for us here in the UK is that the exchange rate is good. In fact, we can get a lot for our pound when it comes to transferring into dollars. Therefore, we can do plenty of shopping and sightseeing without spending a small fortune. But to ensure you get the most for your pounds, it’s a good idea to exchange before you go. You are more likely to get a better exchange rate, so you will have more to spend when you get to the states. If you attempt to hunt down an exchange place when you get to your destination in the US, they are more likely to rip you off with an expensive rate. Therefore, make sure you get a stack of dollars that you can take with you to spend on your trip. And if you are looking for the best place to transfer your money, check out sites like Money, as it will tell you the best place to go to exchange your funds!


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You need to get a visa

A lot of people make the error of not getting an ESTA visa for their vacation to the states. They think that a visa is only for people planning to work in America. But anyone visiting America needs to apply for a visa before they travel. In fact, they often check at the airport to make sure you have one. You might not even be able to fly without one. To ensure you can travel safely to the states, make sure you get an ESTA visa waiver online from sites like That way, you will have the right to travel for 90 days within the states without any worry. And remember to make sure your passport is up to date. Otherwise, you won’t be traveling at all to America!


You need to pack a range of clothing

One thing you might not realize about America is that the weather can be unpredictable. And the areas can have varying weather. For example, you might get glorious sunshine in Florida while it might be awfully cold in Boston. And if you haven’t packed the right clothing, you might end up getting too hot or too cold. Therefore, make sure you pack warmer clothing like a jacket, as well as your shorts and swimsuit! That way, you can be ready for any weather you face while you are in the country!

Remember to get travel insurance too. That way, you are covered if anything happens while you are in the states!


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