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There is still debate about how a person’s personality is formed. It is clear that it is influenced by both a person’s genetics (which cannot be changed) and the circumstances that they have lived through. If you grew up in a bustling city, you may have a wildly different interpretation of life compared to a person who grew up in the countryside. This is quite natural and is to be expected. However, lots of people grow up to find that their personality does not always match the people around them or the surroundings with which they are familiar. Just as the person who grew up in the city may feel that they were always destined for the sort of life that is more peaceful and contemplative, the sort of life that Henry David Thoreau described in his book Walden, others will feel bored in that sort of environment and will see the possibility of life lying in the opportunities of the city. Some people think that culture can only exist if you can go to art galleries, bookstores, and cinemas while others think that the only culture they need is in the night sky or the soil that they till with their own hands. These sorts of considerations are something that each person has to decide for themselves. Some will find that they know from the start and that they are sure that it is what they want. Others will struggle for a long time before they finally find the environment and the lifestyle that they feel comfortable with. If you are wondering about what is right for you, here are a few things you may not have considered:


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Where you live is crucial. A lot of people are miserable because they have not yet found a place where they truly enjoy being. Maybe you have to stay in a city to work, or you cannot find a job in a city that would allow you to move. There are alternatives though. If you want to live on the land and still support yourself, why not consider getting a ranch? Companies like can offer you that opportunity. However, if it is the city that you are set on, why not look online for potential roommates? You can share a place until you have the financial means to move in somewhere new on your own.

The reality of life is that you need to get a job to support yourself. This does not necessarily mean that you have to look at the decision in purely utilitarian terms. Spending your time in a way that allows for the greatest financial return is something that will appeal to some people, but a lot of others are motivated by the intrinsic appeal of whatever they want to do. It is, therefore, important to think carefully about what sort of job you’d like. This will play a major role in defining your lifestyle. You do not have to completely dedicate your life to your work, but since people spend an average of 90,000 hours doing it, it should be something you enjoy.


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