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Switzerland is an often overlooked European country with lots to keep everyone entertained. Its people take a relaxed view of life. Even the country’s political system reflects this laidback attitude. Planning a weekend in Switzerland with friends or family is always a wise move. It’s an idyllic location that looks stunning in both the summer and winter months. The Alps mountain range covers part of the country, and so there are many ski resorts and other winter sport-related places you could visit. I’ve been to Switzerland once in my life, and I had a fantastic time. With a bit of luck, you will too.


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Friday Nights in Switzerland

Which part of the country you choose to visit will determine how you spend your Friday night. As most people travel to the capital, you can expect to find hundreds of upmarket restaurants serving the national cuisine. Thankfully, most Swiss people eat the same type of meals as other westerners. So there’s no need to stress about any strange surprises on the menu. I found the same thing in Iceland last year. While most people don’t realize it, Switzerland has a thriving nightlife in the main cities. It’s hard to swing a cat without finding live music, and the country is home to one of the largest rave clubs in Europe. For that reason, you’ll want to arrive early on Friday evening to ensure you have time to experience it all.


Saturdays in Switzerland

If you choose to travel for the weekend, Saturday is your first full day in the European country. So, it makes sense to visit the slopes! Depending on the time of year you visit, you could engage in all manner of winter sports. Expect to take part alongside thousands of other visitors during the peak season. You can usually get day trips from most big cities to the Alps. There, you will find hundreds of different locations and skiing activities. You’ll often have to take your passport and ETIAS Visa information as proof of ID. Don’t worry; it’s just for insurance purposes. Once on the slopes, you can enjoy yourself unaided or pay for the services of an instructor. I asked a professional to help when I went there because I didn’t want to injure myself. Who knows? Maybe you’re braver than me!


Photo Courtesy of Patrick Nouhailler via Flickr


Sundays in Switzerland

Nothing is quite like waking up to an amazing view on a chilly Sunday morning in Switzerland. The country is surrounded by some of the biggest mountain ranges in Europe. So, pick your accommodation right, and you might have an awesome morning view. Most of the locals tend to relax during the day of rest. However, there are still many activities and things to keep you entertained. Sunday is a big day for food in Switzerland. For that reason, you’ll want to book a lunchtime meal at an excellent restaurant. Ask the staff at your accommodation for recommendations. You’ll probably need to spend the afternoon packing, but don’t forget to take some last minute holiday snaps before heading home.

I hope this article will encourage some readers to visit Switzerland this year. I had an incredible time when I went there, and I can’t wait to plan another trip in the future. While you should probably seek out the best eateries yourself, make sure you check out Kronenhalle. I’m still having dreams about tasting the food from there again. It was delicious!


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