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Maintaining an office isn’t always a very easy task. It’s also not something that should overwhelm you or your team, because at the end of the day, maintaining isn’t the first priority. Using the office as a workspace to enhance your firm’s utility and profitability is key, but so is simply making sure you enter with high spirits each day. It should also be stated within your office ranks that ensuring the office is maintained is everyone’s responsibility. There are many methods of getting started where this is concerned. You might choose to begin with the following:


Reward Maintenance


It’s important to bring the team together, but not to beat them into the action you desire. This doesn’t work when it comes to the actual work your business is concerned with – so why should it in the reality of office upkeep? Rewarding progress is always important. It might simply be that you add more to the bonus of an employee who has made efforts to keep their desk clean and tidy all year. You can simply take note of this once a week, or designate one of your trusted staff to quietly inspect now and then. No matter how you choose to chart this effort or reward it in the final analysis, you can be sure that employees will care about keeping their surrounding environment tidy if they happen upon a form of incentive.


Use A Professional Service


It’s important to use a professional service to deep clean often if you can. This means contacting the best service near you such as, and detailing your exact requirements. Don’t be afraid to list them. It might be you have a relatively annoying laundry room important for the maintenance of uniforms – but the surrounding area often stays very dirty. It might be that the carpets need a deep clean once every few months, and you need to afford this company the weekend to correctly provide those services. No matter how you consider using your professional service, doing so can help you stay on top of things in the long run. You simply need to communicate.


Make Departments Responsible


It can be important to assign responsibility to a select individual or group. This way there isn’t a formless and unspoken agreement of ‘someone’ tidying an area ‘sometime.’ For example, you might explicitly state that only a certain department is responsible for keeping the staff kitchen tidy this month. If they fail to complete this, the manager will be the one responsible. That motivates them to ensure the task is completed, and to assign people to do it. Then, the next month, you can switch that responsibility. This can be much better than a dirty kitchen, or forcing only one set of people to take care of an area at any one time.


With these tips, you can be sure to experience simple office keep without having to bully your staff into it, or repeatedly be disappointed by the natural tendency of ‘making someone else do it.’


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  1. I imagine using a pro service really keeps things in tip top shape Tahna. I just like to stay on top of stuff, cleaning my office space daily, right away, before it becomes a pig sty LOL.

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