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Things go wrong all the time, in life and in business. Whilst in our day-to-day lives we can get over these small glitches, in business these small problems can cost us valuable time and money. When so much of what we do hinges on technology and people power, what do we do when it goes wrong? If it was possible to safeguard your business from these small disasters, would you do it?


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The Internet

Pretty much every business out there relies on the internet. It doesn’t matter what industry or field you’re in, the Internet is vital. It keeps us connected to clients and customers. It also allows us to carry out searches and research, not to mention most customer service systems are online. If the internet crashes, businesses can be brought to a standstill. Sure, we can use our personal phones these days, but business can’t proceed as normal. Every minute you spend waiting for a solution money is being lost, as is the patience of customers and clients.

There are a few ways to solve this problem. One is to have a team of in-house IT experts. This works for some businesses, who have the office space and the budget. For smaller businesses, you might like to outsource this job to an external company. These companies can manage all of your systems and IT issues. Some have great response times and can be cheaper than an internal team. The other way to solve this problem is to offer your staff the option of remote working. Staff who work from home are able to continue to work whatever the situation in the office.


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Hard Drives

Any business, small or large, has hard drives. These store large amounts of information which are imperative to a business’ success. Hard drives are great when they work because they store information in an efficient and safe way. They also save on much-needed office space! The problem is, if these hard drives become corrupted, wiped, or broken, you can lose valuable information. Staff forms, accounting documents, customer orders, all can be lost. This kind of information is hugely important to any business and can be irretrievable. Look into data recovery companies. These companies are experts at restoring critical data and can recover files in most circumstances, giving you peace of mind at work.


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Give your business some literal backup too. This is especially important if you work from an office block. Make sure your staff and your business are kept safe by taking some security measures. Having a receptionist on hand to greet arrivals is a good idea. They can ascertain which visitors need access. Issue visitor lanyards to those who are not permanent members of staff. You could also invest in a security staff. All these steps will help you give your business some back-up, for life’s little emergencies!


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