Don’t Work Abroad for the Money


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‘Will I take the job? Of course I will, as long as you pay me enough money.’

Unfortunately, this is the average response to a job offer. It isn’t unfortunate, as everyone has to make a living. There is no doubt that money is important, and you and I need enough to survive. It’s unfortunate because it’s naïve. Money might make the world turn, but it isn’t the only thing that makes people happy. The bad thing is that this mentality can creep into your decision making when you travel, too.

With that in mind, here are the definitive reasons you shouldn’t work abroad for the money.


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New Cultures & Experiences

The reason you should work abroad is the same reason you should travel. Working out of your comfort zone puts you in a position where you can experience new things. Everything is likely to be new, especially if you have never been away to a foreign country before. Although it’s scary, it’s also exciting. Not only is there the chance to meet new people, but there’s also an opportunity to make a new life. It might be that you get to work six hours a day like they do in Sweden. Or, you might get to go into the office in casual clothes. Whatever it is, you won’t experience it if you have the same mentality as you did at home.


Better Understanding

It’s amazing how many people with little experience turn down a job because it doesn’t pay enough money. Now, if you’re an industry expert with years in the field, it’s easy to see why you would make that decision. If, however, you’re new to the job, it’s a very dumb decision. Working abroad not only affords you more opportunities, but it also gives you a clearer understanding of success. For instance, lots of people want to work with rhino to save it from extinction. Working with them is one thing, but gaining knowledge on how to transform the way people interact with animals is the ultimate goal. That is what will make the biggest difference. And, ultimately, it’s what will save a variety of animals, from rhinos to elephants. Remember that without experience there cannot be any success.


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Travel To New Places

At the end of the day, it’s all about travelling to new places. Working abroad does not only help you secure a dream job and experience new cultures, but it also increases your chances of seeing more places. Let’s face it – the prospects at home are bleak. Once you have a job, you have it for a long time and everything else takes a backseat. When you work abroad, there is no need to prioritise. For one thing, you get to pick your career, so you can pick one that involves moving around. Plus, foreign employers understand the importance of job satisfaction, so they’re more flexible.

One minute you might be in San Francisco, and the next you could be in Sydney. Ah, just imagine!


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