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Do you want to become a more efficient freelancer? Whether you’re taking on freelance work already, or this is something you’d like to do in the future, the following 5 tips can help you.


Have A Great Morning Routine

Your morning routine is going to set the theme for the entire day. If you snooze your alarm 5 times and then stay in your pyjamas, you won’t get anything done. Getting up and having some time to yourself before starting work is crucial. You could meditate, exercise, read a book on self development…the list goes on.


Minimize Email Time

Checking your emails right away and throughout the day will slow you down. You can avoid this by having a set time for checking your emails. Doing it randomly will impede your progress.


Keep Accurate Records

Keep accurate records when it comes to money you’ve made and money you’ve spent. Part of being an efficient freelancer means paying your taxes properly!


Have Set Working Hours

If you don’t set yourself working hours, then you could find yourself working late into the night, or all day with breaks here and there. This isn’t good for you! You still need a healthy work/life balance.


Find Something They Enjoy That Employs Their Skills

It’s all well and good choosing something because you have the potential to make a lot of money, but if you don’t enjoy it, you aren’t going to last. It’s also important to note that the thing you enjoy should employ your skills. Think of the things you have an interest in, the things you’re good at, and how you could potentially bring them together. The infographic below could give you more ideas!


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