10 Essential Skills For Your Next Job


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If you are in a job that you want to change or you have been out of work for a while, brushing up on your skills could be your ticket to the career that you dream of. Gaining skills can boost your confidence and make you more attractive to employers.

Before long you can ease off on economizing and start enjoying your big new salary. There are some Workplace Skills that are highly valued by all employers. These are the ones that you need to be able to include on your CV.


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Verbal communication skills

You can learn to express yourself clearly face-to-face, on the telephone and in presentations. Skills include listening techniques and body language.


Team working skills

Learn how to work effectively as part of a team. Skills include taking on responsibility, asserting yourself as well as giving and receiving constructive criticism.


Commercial awareness

Learn how the world of business operates and how the wider environment in which an organization operates affects its performance. Know the difference between customers, competitors, and suppliers.


Analysis and investigation

Learn how to gather information systematically so that you can establish facts and principles. Learn the main problem-solving approaches.


Initiative and self-motivation

Demonstrate that you have a ‘can do’ attitude. Show initiative to act on opportunities that arise. Employers are looking for people who will take the lead and this is not just in formal management roles. Learn how to set your own objectives and attain them.


Drive and determination

Learn how to show that you have the determination to get things done. You should be someone who makes things happen and who is always on the lookout for better ways of doing things.


Written communication skills

Learn how to adopt the correct structure when writing at work. This is the way that the content is laid out. You also need to use the correct style (the way in which it is written) and, of course, use the correct content.


Planning and organizational skills

Show that you have the skills to identify your own objectives which are both achievable and measurable. You also need to be able to prioritize your tasks effectively so that you can meet deadlines. You should be able to identify the steps needed to achieve your goals.


Show that you are flexible

In all jobs, you will be required to adapt to changing situations and work environments. You must learn to do this calmly. It helps if you can plan ahead and then have an alternative option just in case things do not go according to plan. You may need to think on your feet and persist in the face of unexpected difficulties.


Time management skills

These are valued by every single employer. It’s all about setting goals, prioritizing and sticking to your plan. At the very simple level, it is a to-do list. Avoiding procrastination is important but so is taking breaks when you need them!


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