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When you leave student life behind and take your first steps into adulthood, it can be daunting, scary and stressful. You are officially on your own and you are responsible for carving out your career, purchasing your home and nurturing your relationships. The main question we ask ourselves is how we can balance everything in our lives simultaneously and still feel like a success? Well, here are some handy tips.


Identify childish behaviour and be able to change it

Once you leave your parents’ house forever and set out on your own, you are no longer a child and therefore cannot act like on. You can no longer act selfish and childish and simply be forgiven because you’re a kid, you need to learn to avoid this behaviour completely and grow as an individual. When you do notice that you behave in a childish manner, you need to identify what you did, apologise and move on.

Take control over your fate

Your life starts now. Every single part of your life is yours and yours alone to control, and you should never let anyone tell you otherwise. As an adult you now have the power to choose the path your life takes. You may still have people pushing you in one direction, but you can defy them if you feel that it is the right decision. Make sure that you are satisfied with the choices you make in life. Be happy, push yourself and follow your dreams. Life is too short to spend it doing something you hate!

Don’t let the little things destroy you

As a child it can be difficult to get past the mean comments a child might say to you at school, and these comments can make you feel self conscious for months, even years before you get over it and move on. The older you get, the less you will care about what other people think. When someone says something to you, you will learn to simply brush it off and put it down to them having nothing better to do with their day. Once you can stop being affected by the little things, your outlook on life can change rapidly.


Seek feedback and don’t be defensive when you make mistakes

As an adult, if you do something wrong or make a mistake, there is not going to be someone there to mop up the problem and fix it for you. If you do something wrong, you need to ask for help and feedback. Find out why it went wrong, learn how to do it right and move forward with your life.

Fulfill your goals financially and personally

The biggest challenge you’ll face when you leave university is getting a job, a home and being financially stable. When you leave your studies you can actually get your loan refinanced with to make your monthly payment more manageable. Take the time to learn how to cook at home to save money, and try to avoid the late nights out. Once you are in a stable place you can set goals for yourself and work to fulfill them. Your goal could be going abroad, buying a house, getting a car or finding love. Your goals will give you focus and allow you to be a success as an adult.


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