Career Feeling Clogged? Here’s How to Unblock & Get Back on Track


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At any point in your career, you may feel like something just isn’t right. Whether you’ve never really loved the work that you do, or you’ve suddenly had a change of circumstances, you may find that a career change is in order. But, knowing that you’re clogged and need a change is only the first step. If you’re going to have any hope at unblocking your career path, you need to be able to figure out what career choice is the right one for you. So let’s take a look at some of the options that can help you to get back on track.


Write Everything Down

First of all, one thing that may work for you is to see everything written down. It’s important to work out what you do and do not want from your career. To do this, you may want to look at your current career path and figure out the things that you like and the the things that you don’t. You may then be able to identify what your new career path should be able to provide that your current one can’t.


Shop Around

With a rough idea in mind of what you need from your career, you’re then going to want to do some research. It’s not always easy to know what career paths are available to you off the top of your head. So, you need to shop around. Try to do an online job search that can show you what’s available. You can also find different resources online that have catalogues of careers and what is required to get started on each path.


Take A Test

Next, you may want to think about taking a test. Right now, you have a list of things that you’re looking for, and you’re aware of the careers available out there, but now you need to match things up. There are so many different career tools online that can help you with that. Some tests and elimination tools could be all it takes for you to figure things out and deal with all of the thoughts that are buzzing around in your head and start to make sense of them.


Think About Your Passions

If you’re starting to get some answers, but you’re not too sure on which path would be the right one for you, then step back a bit. Here, you may find that bringing your likes and passions into the equation can help. Although you may want to keep your hobbies separate from your working world, you may find that considering the things you love most in life is what helps you to decide on the correct career path.


Take A Trial Run

When things start to become a bit clearer, and you think you might know what it is that you’d like to do, you’re then going to want to make sure for certain. One way of doing this is to get some experience. Volunteering or undertaking an internship could be all it takes to make sure that the career path you’re considering is definitely the right one.


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