3 Ways to Make Your Office Safer


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Owning a business means that you’re responsible for your employees’ safety, if they are working in a building that you own it’s your job to look after them! If you don’t, then employees are liable to sue you if something happens to them because of the poor working conditions you have put them in, so here are 3 ways you can make the workplace safer for everyone.


Address The Small Issues

On the very basic level of looking after your employees, you have to sort out the small stuff first. These can just be things like making sure that water spill is properly wiped up, or broken glass is swept away and binned correctly. One of the most common errors in the workplace is not cleaning up, or not alerting people to the fact that there is some spilled water around. Websites like OLX sell wet floor signs, they alert people to the danger and allow people to avoid them, possibly saving you lots of money!


Make Sure Your Electrics Are In Order

Most modern workplaces involve a lot of electrical wiring, and with that electrical equipment! Electrical faults can be potentially lethal to the victim, exposing their system to many hundreds of volts. This could lead to a huge court case, resulting in the loss of lots of assets, bad public image and the death of an employee, causing untold grief for the family. Electrical tagging allows you to get your wires and equipment tested for any possible dangers that might occur during the use of the item in question. This allows you to see whether or not a piece of equipment needs replacing. If it’s marked as safe, everything is good and you can keep it! But if it’s marked as dangerous, you should really think about getting it replaced.


Install Security Measures

Security is another big factor in having an office. Not only do you need them to protect your staff if something happens within the office, but you also need them to protect equipment and to record anything suspicious that might happen as it could be useful if you end up in court! Websites like Lazada sell security cameras that are very easy to install and use, the only thing you have to make sure you do when you fit them is to ensure they can see everything possible! A camera is no use if it sees nothing, so be sure to plan ahead before you install them

If you do all of these 3 simple things you will avoid the biggest safety disasters that occur in a modern office! You’ll avoid the small, silly mistakes like water spillages causing people to fall and damage them. You’ll avoid any potentially fatal injuries because of obsolete or dangerous electrical equipment. And if any form of robbery or other altercations occur in your office, you have the necessary footage to see what really happened! This article doesn’t cover all of the different things you can do though. If you’re looking for further ways to make your workplace safer, go no further than here.


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  1. Some really practical advice here which is so helpful. Especially the electrics being in order. They’re so easy to take for granted. Thanks for sharing a great post

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