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The fashion industry isn’t limited to either design or retail sales. It’s a huge global business that’s expanding all of the time. Whether you’re currently studying for a course or degree in fashion, or you are working in the industry and are contemplating your next route you might want to consider the different areas your career can lead you. The following are some ideas on the various sectors in the world of fashion for those eager to secure their next role or job title, but who are unsure of where to look.



You’ve probably been reading the likes of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar for years now, and they’ve helped to spark your love of all things fashion. Working for one of the top magazines will require a lot of determination and a little luck. But don’t be put off by their size within the industry, as they are constantly hiring new employees (especially now they’ve all gone digital). Follow this link: and discover the importance of completing an internship, and how it can lead to a job offer. Interning at any fashion related publication is the only way to start. On the floor experience will give you an insider’s knowledge of how things are run and will be an essential addition to your resume.

There are plenty of roles within a fashion magazine. The digital age has meant that those of you who are technology savvy and can write code like it’s their first language, have a chance to utilize their skills in a publication environment. Therefore, don’t be put off if the thought of styling Gigi Hadid terrifies you (it would terrify most people). Blogging, social media, journalism, are all also roles that fashion mags heavily rely on. So if you can write well and have a keen interest in fashion, think about combining your skill set and bagging your dream job.


Corporate Offices

It’s no secret that fashion brands are huge corporations, some of which turn over millions each year. Therefore it makes sense that many brands will have a corporate space away from the cutting room floor, which is perfect for those interested in the company’s marketing, merchandising, and brand development. Take a look at the following link to see what a brand merchandise assistant does:, and if it could be the right role for you to consider. Head and corporate offices are also great places to apply for an internship, as you’ll really get a feel for the business side of running a fashion brand of any size.


Department Stores

The large department stores like Barney’s and Neiman Marcus curate and sell a huge variety of fashion brands. Their job is to pick the right items for their customers from a collection and display the clothes in a way that will entice them to spend money. Therefore, careers in buying or visual merchandising are jobs that can offer longevity, growth, and development within a department store environment. There is likely to be more scope to work with a variety of designers than if you worked for one individual brand. So if you want to get fired up about your future and work with multiple big names in the industry from season to season; a department store might be the place to head for your next step in fashion.


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