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Our business logo is typically something we design and forget. Perhaps we contact a freelancer to do the work for us or get in touch with an outsourcing company. Maybe you’ve put a little extra work into it because you know how important logo design is, but you aren’t a hundred percent sure how colours work or how they can affect the overall image of your brand.

There’s a lot of science that goes on behind the scenes of every successful logo we see. Colours are known to stimulate the mind and we feel differently depending on what colours we see. For instance, blue colours are known as calm, caring and strong. Some well-known blue logos are the Facebook logo, Ford and Visa. Red is known as an energetic and passionate colour, such as the Coca-Cola and Red Bull logos.

It’s not just about the colours either. The fonts that are used are also indicative of what the brand represents. For example, the infamous FedEx logo has tight spacing which actually reveals an arrow between the E and the x. This subtle message indicates that FedEx has a punctual and speedy delivery service. The Amazon logo also has an arrow underneath it, but not many people realise that it’s pointing from A to Z, indicating that Amazon sells essentially everything that you could think of. The arrow is also curved to look like a smile, representing customer satisfaction and happiness.


Logos can be expensive

Well-known logos can be incredibly expensive. It has been estimated that the new Pepsi logo cost around $1 million, while the new BBC logo cost approximately $1.8 million. Some logos, such as the Microsoft one, was designed in-house but has been estimated to cost anywhere from $250-500,000. As expensive as these sound, you probably won’t need to pay as much for something if you’re a small startup without much of a history.

Logos can be cheaper as well. For example, the iconic Twitter bird was originally bought for $15 from a stock photo Website. If it was bought from a logo design agency, it would’ve cost around $5000. You can also get cheaper logos by looking at an outsourcing service like Yes Open Logo Design. Quality is always guaranteed and you also don’t need to worry so much about giving them guidelines. Professional logo designers will go through the choices with you and also discuss your brand to make you the perfect logo.


A logo is the key to brand recognition

As you can tell, a lot goes into logo design. Sometimes it happens by accident, sometimes it’s a stroke of genius design, and other times it’s bought with a lot of money. Regardless of how you come across your logo, designing one that speaks volumes about your company is the key to brand recognition. If you neglect your logo, then your business will be just as forgettable as the logo you put no time into. Put your logo a higher priority and give it the love it deserves.


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