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We’d all love to make a little extra money than just our monthly paycheck, right? That extra cash could come in handy for emergencies or for treating yourself or your loved ones for a meal out or even a holiday. So what are the ways can you make money from the comfort of your own home?


Participate in Paid Online Surveys


Online surveys are a great way of making a little extra income, and they don’t take up a huge amount of time or concentration. There are plenty of survey sites and research companies who will pay a little or a lot of money. Surveys can vary in the amount of time it takes to complete one, but it’s something you can do in front of the TV or perhaps traveling to and from work. Most are very generic, but there might be a few that are specific to your lifestyle and these can be the ones that pay out a lot more. Vindale Research is one that’s known for being reputable and paying up on time.


Get Paid for Searching the Web


Yes, it seems too good to be true but if you do find yourself on the internet a lot, why not get paid for your time on there? Qmee is an extension that you can add onto your Internet operating system, and it’ll pop up at the side to offer you sponsored results to your searches. By clicking on these, you can collect your reward. And as there’s no minimum cashout, you can get it wired straight to your bank account when that extra cash might be needed.


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Write and Publish an Ebook


Ebooks are a great way to make a passive income, which can end up being quite substantial if successful. You’re not limited to what you can write about or your word limit. So whether it’s a helpful guide on fixing a TV or a crime fiction novel, you can become an author and publish your ebook online for everyone out there to see.


Amazon is an excellent platform for selling ebooks, particularly Kindle ebooks.


Recycle Your Old Gadgets


From mobile phones to old laptops, if you have them lying around, then you could be sitting on a small fortune. There are plenty of sites that will buy your unused, unwanted and even broken gadgets. You can make yourself money, but you’ll also be helping the environment by not just throwing them into the bin. Think of all the storage space you’ll be freeing up in your home too.


Sell a Service


Handy with making a website or design? Are you a bit of a fixer-upper around the house? Then why not sell your services to those who need them. If you have a skill that can be helpful to someone else, then chances are it will be worth your time to promote a service online. Sites like Fiverr or Freelancer are great for finding jobs around your local area or online. With so many being added daily, there’s no limit to what you could make in your spare time.


There’s plenty of ways to make a little extra cash, and they can help fund the kind of lifestyle that you’d like to have. They’re definitely worth exploring!



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