Unplugging From Societal Norms For A Quick Mental Health Boost

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In our fast paced, disposable online society, it’s easy for the burden of it all to get to our heads and cause us to lose our focus, our optimism, or even our self-respect. It’s no wonder. Just walk down the street and you’re likely to see dozens of advertisements for perfect-looking fashion icons. Look at your phone and social media will barrage you with a plethora of images about perfect lives lived.

We’re more populated than ever, but sometimes, lonelier than ever. This can do a number on your mental health if you’re not prepared for it. Here are but a few ways to rectify yourself for a mental health boost, by going against cultural norms. This isn’t a fix all for everything, and seeing a great psychiatrist should be a consideration you have if your issues feel deeper than a surface level solution can help with.


Suspend Social Media Activity

Stop viewing Instagram. Stop viewing Snapchat. Stop viewing Facebook. Certainly stop viewing them multiple times a day. Studies have shown that mobiles have now rendered modern smartphone users with less of a concentration capacity than a goldfish. No, that isn’t a joke.

However, there are ways around this. Limiting your phone time or simply uninstalling the apps for a time can help you unplug. If you’re usually one of the guilty ones posting images or stories to see how many likes you can get, this is the time to give it a rest. This isn’t to judge people who enjoy sharing their life through social media, as sometimes that sparks some of the most interesting conversations and introduces you to new people.

However, viewing it constantly can give you an unrealistic standard of what life should be like. Sometimes, life is just boring, slow-paced, and allows you time for self-reflection. It depends on what type of person you are.


Get In Nature

Getting in nature, away from the craziness of an inner city can do you wonders. Seeing life move at a slower pace can help you reflect, relax, and become a better person inwardly. It will also allow you to get away from mirrors. Why’s that important you ask? If you’re interested in beauty, fashion, or simply looking presentable, you probably view mirrors more times a day than you realize.

Walking past a store window, looking in a car mirror, all of these contribute to assessing our beauty standards. It’s good to keep on top of yourself, but it’s bad to consistently judge yourself.

Get in nature and unplug from the societal norms for a weekend. It will do you good.


Eat Well

In a time of quick fast food, unhealthy snacks and GMO sprayed products, it’s not a given that you’re getting all of the nutrients you need. How do you best help your health gains? Well, ensure that you’re eating correctly, and getting plenty of vegetables. Instead of shopping at supermarket stores, shop at your local butchers and grocers. Here you’ll find food that is less sprayed, more nutritious, and likely more ethical. This can do wonder for your mental health and ethical guilt.

Enact these methods today and see the vastly improved mental boost you’ll have. Coupling these with therapy and journaling will give you a hugely more positive outlook on life.


Author: Urban Ponder Writing Team

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