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Tech can now be a great aid in many aspects of our professional work, and there is no wonder why it has been warmly welcomed into offices around the world.

There is one aspect of work in particular that has greatly benefited from new technologies. And that is project management. Lots of project managers around the globe now use many different apps, computer programs, and software to help them keep on top of all their tasks and projects.

Here are some great tips that all project managers can use to help them better track their team.


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Pick the Best Project Management System for You

There are now lots of different systems that can be used to track various aspects of project managements. Each one has features that are beneficial to various industries and sectors. For instance, JIRA test management is often used amongst app and software developers, while there are more systems that appeal more to graphic designers and other creative lines of work.


Use Google Drive To Share Notes And Meeting Minutes

During meetings and one-on-one chats, your team members will probably come up with some really great ideas that could really help your project. No doubt someone will make a note of these, but it is also a good idea to make some public notes where everyone is able to see them. The best platform for this is Google Drive. Everyone whom you give access to will be able to view them, and you can even give them permission to edit if you see fit.


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Always Keep Lines Of Communication Open

Thanks to tech, there are now many different communication lines that we can open up to improve the collaborative aspect of our teams. It is important that as many of these are open as often as possible so that everyone can be contacted easily. This is especially the case if you don’t all work under the same roof! And now, thanks to apps like Skype, it has never been as easy to keep in touch with team members working in different countries!


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Track Hours On Apps

There are some apps and software that you can use to help track your team members’ hours of work. One of the most popular is Toggl. Users can either manually add their hours, or they can use the inbuilt timer to time themselves while they work. This then makes it ever so easy to see exactly how long someone has worked on a specific project, making it easier to track the time of freelancers and contractors.


Save Important Documents On The Cloud

The Cloud is an online platform on which you can save all your sensitive data and documents. One benefit of using The Cloud is that it is accessible to anyone who has the login details from any computer. So your team members can work on contracts at home if they can log in to The Cloud. This way, you don’t have to keep on sending out documents and contracts to them all the time just so they can get on with their work.


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