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Moving offices can conjure up a combination of emotions. A fresh start is always exciting but the move itself can stir up serious feelings of stress and anxiety. Follow our top tips below to ensure your office move is as organised and as stress-free as possible.


Hire a Professional Office Removal Company

Looking for the best office removalists in your local area will give you peace of mind that your office relocation will run as smoothly as possible. Moving all your office equipment and furniture from one premise to another takes a lot of pre-planning precision and of course, muscle power. So make sure you are investing in a reputable and reliable office removal company that you can be confident will look after all your office belongings and expensive electrical equipment.


Contact Suppliers

Contacting all your suppliers and service providers is crucial to ensure that there is no interruption to the workflow of your company. Failure to contact all of your suppliers and service providers, prior to your move can cause chaos and confusion, so it’s critical that this all gets done and organised well in advance of the actual move date.


Structured & Detailed Packing

The packing up of office equipment is no mean feat so it needs to be handled methodically and in a detailed and highly organised way by creating a timeline of the packing procedure. The best way to do this is by working backwards from the move day itself. Schedule the essential office items that can only be packed up on the move day and then work back to the non essential items that can be packed up as early as possible.

Think of all the items around the office that are not in everyday use and start organising these items into boxes and setting them to the side. All boxes should be clearly labelled to make sure that when you arrive into your new office premises, the unpacking process is as straightforward and simple as possible.

Make sure your team is responsible for the cleaning up of their own desks. You can send them a checklist that they can work from. This will help make sure they don’t forget anything or that they get rid of anything they shouldn’t have to bring to the new office. Working from a detailed schedule and checklist will make sure not only that you are on top of all the necessary details of the move but that you can also manage your team effectively to make sure they are on top of their share of responsibility.


Keep Employees Informed

An office move can be chaotic not just for you, but also for your staff so make sure you are constantly keeping them informed and up to date on any area of the move they need to know about. Think about the new location of your office and how that may affect some members of your staff. Be thoughtful about an increase in commuting for certain staff members and talk them through the transport options now available to them. Educate the staff about what is available for them in the new area and help them to adapt to their new work environment.


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