The Habit of Cohabiting: What You Need to Know


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Moving in with a partner is a very exciting time in your life. There’s a whole new set of adventures that you will be embarking on with your other half. But you also have to remember that there will be a lot of changes afoot. These mostly revolve around compromise, but also about the physical space that you will have to share. So here are a few things to think about before you sign both your names on the tenancy agreement.


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Set up an agreement

It’s important to have clear and defined boundaries when you are cohabiting with someone. Something as basic as who is doing what and who is paying for which utilities matter. If your other half is keen on setting up an expensive sports cable package, are you happy with paying for half the cost? If you can set up an agreement on who is in charge of what then it will help for you both to get used to each other.


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Do you have enough space?

Sometimes moving in together means a lot of stuff. You may have a lot of stuff as might your partner, and combined you may have enough junk to fill a warehouse. But as you can’t afford to rent a warehouse, then it’s important to be ruthless before you both make the move and identify what you actually need to keep and what you need to throw out. Sometimes we have important things that we don’t want to damage, but they are too big to fit in a modest property so you could make the most of long term storage facilities to keep your items safe and secure. Space is always an issue and when you are living with someone you need to have an equal share of the property, so make sure there is enough space.


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Realise that you might not always get along

This is probably the hardest thing to get your head around especially if you haven’t lived with someone before, but conflict is, unfortunately, par for the course. You need to realise that life isn’t a bed of roses all of the time. 9 times out of 10 you might have a perfect living arrangement, but there will be occasions when you aren’t able to do anything right for them, and they won’t be able to do anything right for you! And it’s those occasions where going to your bedroom to sleep might be a bed of anxiety. If the worst ever does rear its ugly head and you feel that you can’t live with each other anymore, don’t beat yourself up for it. There is always a sense of risk before moving in with someone because you are two different people and nobody is perfect! It can take a long time to get used to each other’s idiosyncrasies. Before you do sign the tenancy agreement, you should ask yourself if you are ready. It is a big adventure, but if it’s the right choice, then it will potentially open up a lifetime of happiness for you both.


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