The Framework for Creating a Brilliant Website Design


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Brilliant web design is something that can be achieved by anyone if they put their mind to it. In this piece, we’ll reveal the framework for creating a brilliant website design:


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The Menu Bar

Your menu bar is possibly the most important single piece of your website. I’ve seen great web design ruined by a poor menu bar. Your bar has to stand out, it has to work well, and it has to look great. More specifically, it should look modern and sleek, not old fashioned and clunky.


The Structure of Each Page

The way your site is designed will play a huge role in how good it will be. This all stems from the structure of each page and how you build it from the ground up. It’s a good idea to use HTML and CSS to build each page on your site. For those unfamiliar with these things, there are places like Training Connection that supply courses. Get to grips with the different web development ideas and techniques, and you’re on your way to building a great site based on brilliant page structure.


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The Content on Each Page

More than just the way each page is structured, you have to think about the value people will get from your site. Every page in your site will have some form of content. This could be text on its own, it could be pictures and texts, it could be a map, it could be a video – you name it. The important thing to think about is getting the right balance between too much content and not enough. Ideally, you don’t want too much as it will make your site look too ugly and cluttered. The way this content is displayed is also important. Try and break up text and space things out around the page, so it’s more aesthetically pleasing.


The Color Scheme

You need to pay close attention to the color scheme on your website. All the colors should go together and match exceptionally well. If they don’t, this can make your site visually unappealing, and people will click out of it right away. There are loads of places online that offer free tools where you can play around with different colors to create the perfect color scheme. Do this, as you want to pick a scheme that stands out and doesn’t look mismatched.


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The Responsiveness Of Your Site

A huge part of brilliant web design is how responsive your website is. How well does it respond to different things? Sure, your website may look great on a laptop/computer, but how does it translate on small screens such as mobile devices? You need responsive web design to ensure your website looks good across all the other devices it may be viewed on. In essence, you need a mobile version of your web design!


All of these things come together to form the framework for brilliant web design. Consider them all if you want to give your website a design makeover.


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