The Art of Dressing Minimalist


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Minimalist fashion is all about the power of simplicity and the idea that less is more. It strips away bright colours and conspicuous patterns and unusual fabrics, instead focusing on simple items of clothing that can easily be interchanged. Dressing minimalist shouldn’t be confused with having a bland fashion taste. A good minimalist outfit should still turn heads. Here are some tips on how to make this fashion style work for you.


Limit accessories

You should be careful with accessories when dressing minimally. Wearing too many accessories can create multiple focal points that can make your outfit look busy. This might be okay if you’re dressing boho chic – but not if you’re aiming for the minimalist look. A single accessory is generally all you need. This could be a scarf or a watch or a hat. When it comes to jewellery, avoid anything too big and blingy. You should similarly avoid odd textures and patterns that might seem too ostentatious.  Thin, silver jewellery is generally your safest bet.


Limit layers

You should also try to limit layers. A one–piece solution such as a sundress from the likes of could be all you need along with some shoes. Alternatively consider a two-piece outfit such as a skirt and blouse or jeans and t-shirt. In winter, consider cardigans and zipped up jackets, concealing your shirt and giving the illusion of only two pieces of clothing. All in all, you don’t want lots of visible layers as this may start to veer on flamboyance.


Embrace black and white

Colours such as black, white and grey are perfect for the minimal look. Going matchy-matchy is okay with these colours. For example, you could consider dressing in all-white – you can check out a site such as for some inspiration on how to nail this look. Dressing all-black can look great too, but don’t confuse with dressing gothic (avoid the leather and make-up). It’s possible to venture out of the monochrome palette with colours like dark green, navy blue and beige, but these should still be paired with some black, white or grey. All in all, try to avoid loud colours such as reds and yellows.


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Avoid wild prints

Prints and logos generally don’t work in minimalist fashion, so try to avoid them if you can. Stick to block colours for the ultimate minimalist look. Some patterns can work such as polkadots and stripes. These still have a geometric feel and aren’t too vibrant. Dresses such as this one at are a good example of when patterns have a place in minimalist fashion.


Have a statement piece

Most of your items of clothing should be black, white or grey in a block colour. However, to avoid being dull have one statement piece. This could have a pattern on it such as stripes or polkadots. You could even break the monochrome colour scheme for a splash of bright colour such as red, blue or green. If you’re dressing all black, you might even want to add a contrast by adding some black shoes or a black scarf.


Mix and match

Minimalism can also be great for mixing and matching pieces that wouldn’t usually go together by keeping to the monochrome colour scheme. For example, you could try a formal black cardigan with some casual black leggings. You could even try wearing white trainers with a smart dress. This is where you can get bold with minimalism and truly develop an interchangeable wardrobe.


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