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Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is any new business. To launch a startup and build a business from the group up takes time, careful planning and savvy decisions. For those looking to finally bite the bullet and get started with that amazing business idea follow our survival guide on how to build a business that will prosper and flourish in the future.


Find Your Passion

There is really no point in starting any business unless it is something that you are truly passionate about and something that you really want to commit yourself to. The basic foundation of any profitable startup should begin with an overriding passion, a deep understanding of the industry and a desire to become a part of it. Therefore the first place to start with a new business is to really consider if this an area that really excites you and if this is going to be a project that you are going to absolutely love getting your teeth into.

Of course there will be wobbles, frustrations and disappointments along the way but generally your business idea should be one that stems from a genuine interest and love for something. It will be that passion and excitement that will push you forward and keep you going through the tougher moments.


Organise Your Finances

It is all very well wanting to go all in and get started, but looking into your finances is one of the most important things that you can do in order to ensure that you have the necessary resources available to make your business a success. Maybe you need to research your access to loans, with a company such as, should you need a little financial assistance in the first few months. Or perhaps you have enough saved by to get you through those first few months. Whether you are looking for investors or have enough capital at your disposal what is really important is that you go through what you will need with a fine tooth comb. You will inevitably come up against a whole array of hidden costs and unexpected expenses so make sure you have a contingency budget for all the pesky extras.


Be Flexible

One thing all business owners will tell you is that things change and things change fast. So make sure that you are not too fixed to your short-term and long term business plans and that you are able to adapt and react to issues that come up in order to build your business around market movements, financial fluctuations and competitor activity. Check out for more information on how to be flexible with your business and your startup business plan.


Marketing and Sales – A Priority

Whether you are a technological startup, an online retailer or you are launching a 20-person agency you are going to need to make marketing and sales your priority. Regardless of what your business is, you are going to need to position it, market it and talk the hell out of it, so this should be a huge part of your business plan.

As with anything, practice makes perfect and no one gets everything completely right the first time around. So be patient with yourself, delegate, stay calm and most importantly, enjoy the journey.


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