Styling Your Outfits For Winter Weather

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As winter rolls around, a lot of us will be defending ourselves from the elements, layering on clothes like it’s going out of fashion. So what outfit pieces should you have in your wardrobe this season?


A Chunky Scarf, Hat & Gloves


Nothing screams winter than a chunky scarf that you can wrap around your head multiple times. Opt for a neutral colour if you’re just getting the one scarf so that it goes with most outerwear and clothing. Scarves help keep that bitterly cold temperature away from your chest, and you’ll certainly feel like if you don’t wear one. Go for one made of cotton or wool.

You should also grab yourself a thick woolly hat and some gloves too. You want to keep those hands protected from drying up.


Simple Jewellery


You want to keep your jewellery quite simple, particularly on the hands, as they’re likely to be covered by gloves the majority of the time. For rings, is a great option for simple yet beautiful jewellery. Chunky earrings are in fashion at the moment, and layered necklaces also seem to be the popular choice right now. On a casual day, keep earrings as studs or hoops, and if you’re going out for the evening, drip earrings are gorgeous.




It’s the season of snow and wet weather, so you want a pair of booties that will keep your feet dry and protected. There should be no ballet pumps unless it’s on a dry day. Standard black ankle boots or Chelsea boots are a go-to. They’ll keep your feet warm but are also super stylish and can be paired up with most outfits.




You should have a few coats for the winter period. A long A-line coat is a good choice as it gives you more room to wear chunky knits underneath. A padded coat is great for wetter weather, preferably one that comes with a hood too. You should also have a shorter coat, for the days when it might not be so cold. Still, try and opt for one that’s thermal and is the right length for your height.


Heavy Sweaters


For those who love layering up, winter is the season for it. Get a selection of heavy, medium and light sweaters to give you that extra layer of warmth underneath your coat. Sweaters go great with most pants, and you can also shove it over a dress to give that shabby chic look and having two outfits within one that you can switch up if going from day to night.




The ultimate stylish but comfortable option is the jeans. They are reliable for everyday wear, and you should have a few variations and colours in your wardrobe. Go for skinny jeans to suit your footwear, or if not, boyfriend or mom jeans are also popular.


You should also access your wardrobe when each season comes along and pick out what you’ll need to get. That way you won’t be spending money haphazardly and will only get items of clothing that you need.


Author: Urban Ponder Writing Team

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