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Whether you’ve just graduated from college or decided to change careers because your current one wasn’t working out, the challenge of finding your dream job can seem like an insurmountable one. What is important to remember is that very few people start out in their dream job. Most of us have to go through a few jobs we hate until we either find the right company for us or progress up the rungs of the career ladder so that we’re qualified and experienced enough to get that dream role. Whatever stage you’re at in your career journey, here are some skills that will help you on your way to attaining that dream career.


See every social interaction as networking

This is an important piece of advice that more people should take on board. Networking isn’t something that only takes place in organized events. It’s something that takes place every day of our lives. If you are feeling a little lost in terms of your career direction at the moment and you have no idea where you should be looking, then you ought to be taking every opportunity out in the real world to explore your options.

Every person you meet is another connection in your network. You need to be sociable and make a positive impression, because that’s how you get your chance at a good company. Somebody you meet who likes you might just put in a good word for you at a great business. Don’t shut yourself off from new opportunities whilst you’re at this tough intersection of your life. Work on your social skills because this is a huge part of finding a good career path. Open as many doors as possible and one is bound to lead to a path that you like the look of.


Learn to speak multiple languages

You should build up as many skills as possible if you are hunting for your dream career but are not exactly sure what that career might be yet. Build up your portfolio of talents because employers want to see what you’re capable of. It’s not about the specific nature of the talent, most of the time; it’s simply about proving how hard you can work. Learning a language can help with this because it shows immense dedication. You could try out options such as the Effortless English Club if you want to learn to speak the English language much more naturally and fluently. In fact, learning a language isn’t just impressive but also a very useful skill. Most businesses in most industries across the world require employees who can speak other languages to help with foreign business transactions. It’s a very handy skill in this globalized world.


Be proactive

Instead of showing employers a CV that says you’ve done everything by the book, think outside the box. Bosses see thousands of resumes from people who went to college, got a good degree, and did a little work experience here and there. All the applications start to merge together. Show that you’re different. Start a blog, or perhaps even start your own business. Show that you have creative talents such as writing music, books, or making artwork. Build up a character portfolio for yourself. Businesses don’t like one-dimensional people.


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