Should The Maternal Mortality Rate Be Something To Worry About?

While the maternal mortality rate is overall decreasing around the world, it’s actually increased in the US. Not only does that make the US one of only six countries to see such a dismal trend, but it also makes it the only developed country to figure in the list. Let’s explore some of the factors that could impact the maternal mortality rate in the US.

Access To Care

Firstly, not everyone has access to care. Uninsured or underinsured mothers are left with limited options in terms of medical care. Affordable and easily accessible health care can do a lot to shift the negative trend.

Health Education

Access to education about pregnancy health, risky symptoms, and contraception prove to be an invaluable first line of defense.

If you’d like further information on the maternal mortality rate, including the most recent rates, what affects it, and how to combat it, please see the infographic below.

Infographic Design By Bradley University

Author: Urban Ponder Writing Team

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