Sensational Sales Reps: Everything They Need For Better Business


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Do you run the kind of business where you need to pitch products and ideas to customers and clients? If so, your sales reps will be crucial to your success. You need the right people on board who are charming, enthusiastic, great communicators and have fantastic persuasion skills. But getting great employees in is just the start. In order for them to do their job properly, they need to be kitted out with the right equipment. Spending the money here will pay off dramatically in more sales, customers, and clients. Here are a few ideas to bear in mind.


A Smart Phone

Your sales reps will more than likely be on the road a lot, out and about visiting clients and going to meetings and events to sell your products or pitch ideas. For this reason, a good company smartphone is essential. It allows them to keep in contact with who they’re meeting, contact the office when needed and also access the web, emails and other important information they might need at the touch of a button. Most people have their own smartphones these days, but to prevent distraction, it’s worth providing them with one. That way you’re able to easily keep track, plus all of their business calls and texts are being covered by the company rather than them having to pay from their own pocket.


A Laptop

Smartphones can do a lot these days, but a laptop is likely to be needed too. If your salespeople will be showing presentations or typing up documents and other information then a fast and reliable laptop is crucial. Something like a Macbook has up to ten hours battery life which can be useful for those on the road. You can tether these to your phone using a ‘personal hotspot’ giving you internet on the go too. Invest in good protective cases which are essential when the machine is being carried and moved around a lot.


A Uniform

A uniform helps to portray your brand message since you can have it embroidered with a custom logo. It also helps your sales reps to look neat and tidy. At the very least, they should have an ID badge with their name and details that customers and clients can check. Don’t forget a lanyard to clip this onto their clothing. You could visit for info when it comes to lanyards and other accessories.


A Company Car

If your sales reps have to do a lot of traveling, providing them with a company car is a smart move. It gives them access to a good vehicle and means you can take on employees that are excellent at their job but don’t have access to their own car. It looks professional, and in many cases works out cheaper to run too. You could have your company logo put on the side of the vehicle, giving you exposure and advertising whenever your sales reps are on the road. Plus having a company car as part of the job may make your business more attractive to potential recruits, which could land you with better employees.


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