Rooms To Let? Advertising Your Hotel Or Rental Apartments Successfully


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If you’re in the business of letting property or rooms as hospitality to paying clients, you need to adhere to a set of important business practises to stay successful at what you do. The business world is notoriously hard to manage in the first place, but when you add paying clients sleeping in your premises, it steps it up to a whole new level.

A client might be annoyed and complain if a product or service they’ve purchased turns out to be less than they expected from the transaction. A client will be furious if you give them a reason to feel like their personal space and privacy has been misled to separate them from their cash. People are very touchy about undue negative service when it comes to matters of living well, and for a good reason. As a hotel owner, there is absolutely zero reason as to why you can’t provide a 5-star service, regardless of what star ranking your hotel is.

5 star in this instance means honest, open, a positive business transaction that keeps everyone happy and allows everyone to stay comfortable within the transaction. It falls to you to provide this entire package well.

To run a hotel, or to let hotel apartments out well, you need:


Great, Accurate Marketing

It’s important that your marketing exposure is completely accurate, and that the people who visit your hotel from a website listing are greatly satisfied with what they saw on the advertisement. This doesn’t mean you can’t upsell the room or apartment on your hotel website, but you must strike a fine balance between promotion and realistically pricing/displaying that same space. Online marketing for hotels always benefits from bringing in professional digital marketers, who know what clients expect and what they look for. Be sure to commission them to help you and feel secure in your online endeavours.


A Policy of Client Inclusiveness

A clause to keep a certain demographic might be happy – for example, if you’re a primarily business-trip catering hotel, it’s likely that you’ll want to exclude children from the restaurant and hotel, and by extension, prevent families from attending. This can be an oversight. Most chain hotels have competitive accommodation deals with the firms that use them most, so your exclusive deal at your independent place is likely not going to sway them over to your side. Cater to the people who help your business, and in this instance, it’s likely to be everyone pleasant you can get your hands on.


Managed Noise Levels

The previous point being said, it is important that you keep on top of the noise levels in your hotel, and take client noise complaints seriously. Clients who are repeat offenders in keeping other guests awake should be politely asked to leave and barred from returning.

You might not need to take such drastic measure though, as a polite reminder placed in each bedroom to keep the noise down past 10pm will lend your hotel a sense of affability that is so vital for any successful hospitable firm to have.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’re sure to set your business up for success.


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