Nursing No-Nos After A Night On Shift

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Nursing is about as tough as it gets on the job front. The shifts are long, and the workload is grueling. Is it any wonder, then, that nurse burnout is such a common issue?

Still, those of us who have dedicated our lives to the cause wouldn’t have it any other way. Despite how tough things can get, helping patients back to health really does make the whole thing worthwhile.


Despite the love, though, this lifestyle is still sure to take its toll at the end of an overnight 12-hour shift. At these times, even the most determined and passionate of nursing staff can start to suffer. No matter how long you’ve been on the job, there are things you should never do when your long shift is drawing to an end. Read on to find out what they are.


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Tackle important paperwork


The night’s winding down, the next shift is in sight. Isn’t this the best time to take care of all that paperwork? We don’t think so. In reality, your mental function is probably suffering by now. That could lead to mistakes with catastrophic consequences. You’re better off chatting with the other nurses. Together, plan a system which allows you to do the technical stuff when you’re still fresh and ready to go. Better that you pass those files along than get this wrong.



With health benefits to boast of (come on; we’re all nurses here), it’s difficult to argue against the odd coffee break through the night. But, as the sun starts to rise, turning to coffee is a mistake. That’s tough, given you’ll want them here more than ever. Surely one last cup can’t hurt to get you through? Think again. Drinking coffee too close to bedtime can lead to issues sleeping. And, the last thing you want is an inability to switch off. At the very least, this could spell trouble for your next shift. It’s also sure to exacerbate your exhaustion further.


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Drive home

You don’t need us to tell you why driving tired is a bad idea. One slip into the world of sleep could see you plowing into the back of another car. This will then lead to swapping of insurance details which mean it’s even longer before you get to sleep. Again, that’s trouble for your next shift. If you work in a city hospital, there’s also an increased risk you could crash into an Uber driver or taxicab. If that happens, the process could take even longer due to a need to contact lawyers like Dolman Law Group to deal with the issue. Instead of getting in the car, then, consider public transport, or order an Uber yourself. Better to be sitting in it than driving into it.


Making the nursing lifestyle work requires all manner of commitments to the cause. The above pointers are simple enough, but they could go a long way towards helping you bring your best to your job. What more could any nurse ask for?


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