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Have you ever thought about investing some of the money you have saved or that you earn? If not here is a rundown of a few smart investments you can make.


First off, here are some of the types of investors you’ll encounter:

The Indexers – they invest in everything to take advantage of the steady increase in the overall market.

The Gamblers – rather than losing money in a casino, they are watching the stocks like a hawk. Think about films like Wolf on Wall Street, and you’re about there.

The Financial Collapse Preppers – Wholeheartedly believe that the financial market will crash, so spend their money on gold or real estate.

Which type of investor resonates most with you?


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Types of Investments


Diamonds and gold. You won’t have to buy large amounts all in one go. You can purchase smaller diamonds in a multitude of colors and sizes and store them or wear them. Similarly, for gold, you can either buy small pieces of gold jewelry or a large gold bar. Diamond retains value very well, but make sure you deal only with reputable sellers and that you ask for the proper certificates.


Real estate. Buying tangible property is a very good idea. You can purchase a property and then rent it out, making it a profitable investment.


Inflation Protected Government Bonds. These bonds are a smart investment. You can purchase them on the Treasury Direct website. They ensure your cash returns keep up with inflation.


Individual stocks. You might like to purchase some smaller stock options without any advice from a financial advisor. You can hit the Internet, open yourself a trading account, and buy as you please.


If you want to invest some money for good, then consider investing in startups via companies with Seedrs. It is all done online, and you’ll be helping a business grow. Good stuff all around.


If all this seems a bit out of reach, then maybe you would like to learn CFD trading. The platform will give you some insight into how the global markets work and will provide you with valuable skills, which will then help you gain more significant returns on your investments.


You can also get technical with a Robo-advisor. A robo-advisor is a financial advisor and online broker that offers the bonus of automatic diversification. Robo-advisors put your money in stocks, and bonds, while automatically making adjustments to meet your portfolio goals. Brilliant.


There are a lot of options for investments, from tangible items to stocks and bonds that you can track online. Whatever you choose to do, do it wisely. Don’t spend more than you can afford and have fun growing your portfolio.


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