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Living in a tiny apartment or bedroom can be difficult when it comes to keeping up with current trends and maximizing the space. The bedroom is the most important room in the home. It gives you space to relax at the end of the day. It’s where you go rest after a long working day. It’s also difficult to try and organize when you have limited space.


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Shades Of Grey

There are hundreds of roads to go down when picking the perfect color for your room. Pastels and greys are the dominant must haves. Dulux have 557 shades of grey on the color chart alone. Grey makes the room more modern without coming across as aggressive. It is also soothing by night, while adding warmth to the room. Depending on the shade of grey adding a touch of color through accessories such as cushion covers and throws lends life to the room. Crisp white cushions have been the must haves when choosing a grey background.


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Cushions and Covers

Creating the latest trends doesn’t have to be expensive. Budget how important it is to stick to a trend without breaking the bank. Fabric shops are a great way to find some fantastic finds. There are plenty of textures to keep an eye out for should you choose to create covers. Velvet is making a big comeback, particularly soft velvet for summer. Combine crisp white with Indigo, making a classic and classy Mediterranean vibe.


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Headboards and Comfort

Bed trends never change. The main theme is headboards and mattresses. The more creative the better. Headboard graphic design with floral fabrics suits the floral theme of summer. Mattress trends have grown more technical over the years with memory foam and even remote-control sensors motioning for that perfect night’s sleep. Choose Mattress is great for highlighting the perfect mattresses at great prices, thus saving money that can go to other features within the home.


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Organised Storage

Organizing little DIY hacks to make your room quirky and fun is the first start. It doesn’t need to be expensive. Basic household items can be used. A popular item this year are benches. They are a fantastic storage solution without looking bulky and obvious. These look attractive anywhere throughout the home or at the foot of the bed. Add your own personal touch by staining it to match the décor of the room.


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Finishing Touches

No room is complete without the finishing touches and, the latest are the cork and brass. These two weirdly go well together and can be used anywhere in the room. Cork is great for making large cork board to pin thoughts or loose bits and pieces. Brass has gone on to replace last year’s metallic look with lamps, stationery and candles.

Bedroom trends come and go. This year is all about less is more, keeping colors to a cool shade along with minimal accessories, as well as keeping the room crisp. The result of these tips and tricks is a happy and stress-free space to enjoy your room and be zen. You can come home relaxed knowing your space is clean and organized, leaving you with free time to enjoy and fulfill the things you love to do.


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