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Running a small business can be tough. Even with the best will in the world and a strict budget plan, you can find that costs begin to mount. When you’re outgoings start to creep closer to your income, this can be a big cause for concern. So whether you’re looking to make huge savings, or just want to know how to save a little extra here and there, check out these ideas…


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Your Office

An office space can be one of the biggest costs that any small or medium-sized business faces. Without fail, whether it’s been a good month or bad month, you’ll have to pay rent. There are a few ways to cut this cost down and get back on budget. Firstly, try negotiating with the landlord. They may be open to lowering the rates. This is especially likely if you have long standing relationship with them. It’s also a good idea if you’re in an area where you know there isn’t much demand for office space, perhaps you’re paying over the odds anyway. Secondly you could downsize to a smaller office. Take a look at your staff and consider if some of them could carry out their jobs just as well from home. Working from home, or remotely, is becoming increasingly popular. It’s a good way to keep costs down too. Customer support staff can work from home as long as you can track the amount of calls they’re taking and the work they’re getting done.


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New Starters

Hire new starters who are graduates rather than industry experts. You can offer a smaller annual pay rate, but you will need to invest more time training them. This is a compromise which will get you back on budget but may leave you strapped for time. Make sure you have someone who is accomplished in the field to take control of the training. That way they can impart their expertise onto new starters.


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Computer Support

Computer Support Dallas is one of the companies who offer IT services to small or medium sized businesses. It’s the perfect solution for companies with a budget to stick to. Running your own IT internally can be costly and also require more staff and more office space. From cloud services to email solutions, using one of these companies could actually make your tech run more efficiently too.


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Instead of paying to have smaller tasks done for you, learn how to do them yourself. Taking a more hands-on approach is a great way to make small savings, which could mount up. Business cards, for instance, can be made in-house. Similarly, take your marketing strategy online and start utilizing social media tool and a blog on your website. These are free and are very powerful marketing tools which could make you a lot of money.


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