Is It Time To Move On From The Home Office?


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Many people in the workplace would love to work from home instead. But as every remote worker or home business owner will tell you, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

There are many issues you will experience, from sheer loneliness through to many distractions. And while working at home in your pajamas is many people’s idea of a dream job, the reality is often a little different.

At some point in time, you might feel that it is the right moment for moving on – either to an outside office or a shared working space. But the big question is, when is the right time? We’re going to take a closer look at how to recognise the signs it is a good time to move on…


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Home working is impacting on your productivity

Even when you are great at managing your time, the result of working from home can be a drain on your productivity. If you have kids, for example, how can you possibly not deal with their problems or respond to them when they are asked? Every time someone knocks on the door, every time the phone rings, and even distractions of TV and radio can all impact on your workflows. And if it’s happening too much – it’s time to move on.


You are feeling lonely

Another major issue of home working all the time is that it can be a lonely existence. As an alternative, consider a small business hub or coworking space. According to, there are plenty of benefits of using coworking spaces. Not only do they tend to be cheaper than office rentals elsewhere, but you will also be surrounded by other startups and new businesses that will be able to help you out, give you advice, and offer inspiration.


You are losing clients because they don’t see you as professional

Appearances can mean a lot for your business. Even if you are the best in your industry, the fact you work from home can often make potential clients feel uneasy with your professionalism. Setting up in a proper office that operates near your ideal clients is often an excellent way to remove this particular issue, and help you develop a more professional image.


It’s time to expand

If you have made a success out of your home working, your ability to meet demand will start to get difficult pretty quickly. You might have to think about growth, start hiring people to help, and although outsourcing specific tasks might be a good idea, ultimately getting everyone in the same office space will be more practical and give you more control. According to, as long as you weigh up the cost benefits and can afford to rent office space, it should be well worth your while.


You understand the costs

The final thing you need to consider is that moving into an office will cost you a lot more money than working from home, and you need to have a strong business case for moving. Rent and rates, the cost of equipment and furnishings, and the cost of traveling to and from the office all need to be considered. Make sure you do your costings and estimates as accurately as possible, so you aren’t hit with a nasty financial surprise. Good luck!


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