How to Stay Confident When Presenting Your Brand


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You might have been working behind the scenes for years. On your brand, on your professional development, on your networking. You might have been chipping away, slowly but surely, at that idea you hope will gain some traction. You might have full confidence in that idea. You might have sacrificed plenty for it. But sometimes, despite all that, words can escape you when you need to present this to a public audience. Not everyone is a skilled public speaker. To stand on stage and talk to hundreds of people about your idea is not an easy task.


Now that we’ve come to terms with the worrying nature of presenting our business ideas, we can move past it, and learn how to stamp our own personality all over it. Believe it or not, despite initial worries, you CAN be a confident speaker. However, confidence isn’t all from within. It does rest on training, the right package, and the right timing. Consider the following:




If you have little pride in your brand, it can be very tempting to feel as if you don’t stack up against the other professionals at the trade show. Of course, there can be a difference between the personal pride you feel, and the actual showcasing of that pride. Don’t internalize it all. When hoping to expand your business, humility is not a virtue. You need to get out there, and tell the audience why you’re so great. You need to be excited to do so.


You might want to try using the art of crafted expo displays, a curated presentation written and refined, and perhaps with music to provide the emotional backdrop of what you have to offer. This can contribute to the personal pride you feel, giving you the means to break past your initial nervousness and fight for what you truly believe in.


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The Script


The script you utilize can be an important one to consider. If you have trouble riffing about your brand, stick to your highlighted efforts that you’ve already chiselled out. This can also help keep your presentation short and sweet. Learn the facts and figures. Explain who you are, why you matter, and why the audience should care, and don’t embellish unless absolutely necessary. A script can help you stay confident, secure, and give off the impression that you know what you’re talking about.




Remember, if you don’t give the best performance of your life, your business will still be standing. You’ll still be able to try again. There are variables other than your speech or presentation that could be a problem at no fault of your own, such as a boring, bad crowd. Be willing to accept whatever the result will be, and you’ll go into the presentation with more of a zen-like understanding of what you’re there to do and how to do it. A little practice beforehand never hurts though.


With these simple tips, you should be able to stay confident while presenting your brand in front of an audience.


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