How that Spare Room Can Add to Your Lifestyle 100%

However well off you might be financially, you could always use a little more. No one knows what the future holds and we’re constantly looking to save up for a rainy day. All around the world, governments are thinking exactly the same way. They’re trying to work out how homeowners could be making more use of their own properties, so they could help in the housing market and tourism.

The other aspect of this is that more and more people are looking to use their property as leverage to add to their lifestyle desires and needs. The spare room offers just the right opportunity. A part of the house that is empty is simply wasted real estate. Time to put the extra space to good use!

For the Weary Businessman

Businessmen from all around the world are looking to save on their travel expenses. Most of the time, those from middle management or senior management are required to use their own money to pay for their travel. The travel expenses could easily eat away at even a six-figure salary.

Living in a part of the world that sees a lot of business people travel lets you bank into Airbnb services. Simply transform your spare room into an upscale hotel room! You can tap the help of Airbnb management service Bangkok. Not only can they change the design and decor of the room, but they can help with competitive pricing strategies and marketing needs. Your spare room can be turned into a lucrative business opportunity!

For the Weary Traveler

The accommodation options for tourists are incredibly varied these days. They’re no longer limited to cheap hotels. Now travelers can choose to stay in rooms offered by local homeowners.

For short term rents or even just weeklong stays, you can offer your spare room as a nice place to stay in. If your home is neatly placed near the inner city, you can fetch yourself a pretty penny as travelers would want to avoid paying eye-gouging prices from the big hotels.

Throwing in things like a free breakfast every morning delivered to their door and free tea or coffee gives you a competitive advantage. It also helps to work with holiday agencies that offer services to holiday-goers, as they are bound to give you more exposure.

With the money you make from allowing businessmen to stay in your spare room and holiday-goers to rest their heads while exploring your city, you can fund your own lifestyle needs.

Author: Urban Ponder Writing Team

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