Handy Tricks to Get More Work as a Freelancer


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There are so many benefits to becoming a freelancer. For one thing, it means you can take on as much or as little work as you want to. Also, it means you can do more of the work you love. Moreover, you get to work wherever you are in the world. You could even travel and be a freelancer at the same time. But it can be a challenge to find work. After all, you are just one freelancer amongst a sea of thousands. The following handy tricks can help you get more work as a freelancer.


Get More Work as a Freelancer, How to Get More Work as a Freelancer

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Approach companies who fit the bill

It’s not enough to just sit and wait for companies to come to you requiring your freelance services. If you want plenty of work, it’s time for you to step forward and be the one to contact companies. Even if it’s a longshot, it’s worth sending your CV and explain you are free for freelance work. You could even send them some of your previous work as examples. You might catch them at a time where they are looking to outsource the work. So it could result in you gaining some freelance work. And remember that you shouldn’t be just contacting companies in your local area. You can do work for businesses from around the world as a freelancer, so make sure you are contacting companies from far and wide.


Set up a website offering your services

It’s always good to set up a website if you want to achieve more work as a freelancer. After all, you can send this site to prospective employers. And then they can see more about you and your past work. It can also be shared on social media and on other freelance sites where you can find work. And a lot of companies will ask to see your website before they take you on for work. However, you might not have the best skills to create your site. Therefore, it’s worth looking online for companies who offer small business web design. That way, they can build you a site which will tick all the boxes, and will ensure you have companies wanting your services sooner rather than later. Also, make sure you have good content on your site. After all, if you have bad spelling, you won’t be able to win over more clients.


Get More Work as a Freelancer, How to Get More Work as a Freelancer

Photo Courtesy of Startup Stock Photos via Pixabay


Build up your experience

If you want to get more work as a freelancer, you need the experience behind you to get hired. After all, the client won’t want to spend time training someone who is doing a one-off piece for them. They expect you to have the right skills to just do a good job. If they see you lack experience, they won’t hire you. To ensure you build your experience, it’s worth taking on some free or low paid work at the start. This will help build your portfolio, and it will build up your rep as a freelancer in the sector. With some good experience behind you, you can then apply for better paid positions.


And being a freelancer doesn’t have to be a full-time thing. If you are currently employed but still struggling for money, it can be a great way to top your income.


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