Global Income Inequality – Why You Should Care 

Are you one of the many people who think that because they are doing well in life, they are unaffected by global income inequality? Well, think again. Global income inequality affects everyone. Yes, that includes the rich.

Shorter Life Expectancy

Mortality rates are higher in unequal societies. And the dismal figure affects both the rich and the poor. Rates of obesity, mental illness, and mortality are two to four times higher. HIV infection prevalence also spikes in unequal societies, both in developing and developed countries.

Problematic Social Relationships

Social cohesion also suffers in an unequal society. Women’s status and gender equality are generally worse off, and more property crimes and violent acts are committed. Homicides are particularly prevalent.

Lower Social Mobility

It’s harder for people to climb up the ladder in an unequal society. Innovation suffers and literacy scores plummet. More young people drop out of school and more teenage girls become mothers.

Infographic Design By Norwich University

Author: Urban Ponder Writing Team

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