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Have you noticed that productivity levels have started to go downhill at your business? Unfortunately, this is something that most companies experience at some point. While it may be easy to simply point the finger at your employees and assume they aren’t working hard enough, this is very rarely the right way to go about things. Instead, you need to look at the office environment to determine whether there are things that could be done differently in order to motivate and inspire your workers to achieve more. With that in mind, read on for some top tips to help you get started.


1. Make sure they have the right tools and technology – How do you expect your employees to get the job done quickly if they don’t have to tools to do so? Now would be a good time to invest in commercial electrical services. The installation of improved Wi-Fi or a better commercial telephone system can make a massive difference. Speak to your employees to find out whether they feel like they are lagging behind on the technology front.

2. Bring the outdoors inside – You do not need to work in a rainforest, but there have been plenty of studies over the past few years that have proven how beneficial it is to have plants in an office. Plants create a much healthier and more enjoyable work environment. They help to remove bacteria and mold while also filtering the air, and, of course, they make the office look better too.

3. Consider physiological changes It is not just the office environment that is important to consider, but you also need to readdress the way your employees work. There are a number of psychological changes you can make in order to encourage improved productivity. This includes clearing clutter, restoring privacy, and encouraging flexibility. After all, the nature of business today means that employees don’t have to work the standard 9-5 every day. If your employee has kids to drop off at school, let them arrive 15 minutes later and work 15 minutes extra at the end of each day if it suits their schedule better.

4. Add some colour to the workplace – It is incredible what a little bit of paint can do for productivity levels. For many, many years, psychologists have analysed the impact colour has on us. Choosing the right colour is of paramount importance for creating the right type of atmosphere. For example, green is associated with peace, balance, and harmony. Yellow is a great colour for creativity and confidence. Blue is associated with intellect, and it also connotes serenity, efficiency, trust, and communication. Finally, red is an energetic and stimulating colour, but you should not use too much of it.

5. Focus on natural lighting – Last but not least, ensure that every employee has some access to natural light if possible. It is not healthy for anyone to spend eight hours under fluorescent lighting. Also, consider indirect lighting over overhead lighting, as the latter can cause aggravation to those working.


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