Brand Feeling Bland? Here’s Where You’re Going Wrong


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A lot of people assume that branding is pretty easy. These tend to be the same types that think marketing isn’t that hard, or that starting a business is a walk in the park. It’s nowhere near as simple to create branding in your business that people can really connect to … something that will remain fresh in people’s minds.

Your branding is an essential part of the success of your business. Here are some of the most common errors that businesses make in this area!


Buzzwords everywhere

So your business is “award-winning”, is it? Your items are “best-selling”, your books are “page turners”, your posters are “eye-catching”, your focus is on “customer centricity”, your business is made up of “thought leaders”, your products are “authentic” and “all-American” or “100% British”… enough! These buzzwords don’t have the effect that business owners seem to think they do. They go in one ear and right out the other. Customers know that these buzzwords have just been placed there because the marketing department is telling you that’s what they like to hear.



If you’ve got great design for your branding, then you need to make sure it’s exposed to the world. A lot of effort (and, probably, money) has been poured into getting the right colours, font, and message. Don’t just integrate the branding into your web design and product packaging. Consider working with a print company such as Clone-Media and getting bespoke items whenever you need something printed. You can have the key visual elements of your branding placed onto these physical assets, which can then be sent out by post or given away at events.



No protection

You have to be willing to get tough and protective when it comes to your brand. Branding has much to do with the creation of visual signs that people will associate with your company. When people see such visual cues, they should really only be thinking about one thing: your company. You think if some business started developing a brand design with a red background and bold, white Spencerian script that Coca-Cola wouldn’t get their legal guns out? If some other company has decided to steal elements of your brand, then you need to take action. Of course, if you haven’t got any legal protection over your branding elements, then you may find yourself unable to do anything.


Too much focus on design

When people think of branding, they often only consider the design elements; colours, logos, fonts, etc. But a big part of branding actually has to do with the personality your company projects. The personality of your company will influence much of the commercial copywriting and marketing, which will help determine the precise feelings that come to a person when they see elements of your visual branding. Consider companies like Innocent Drinks and Wendy’s that have made humour a massive part of their branding. If there’s one surefire way to get people interested in your brand, as well as encouraging the development of fond memories, it’s through their funny bone!


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