Are You Starting To Hate Your Business?


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In the beginning, everything was fine. You began your business, excited at what the future might hold. Customers trickled in, and you managed to make a profit. You earned respect from the people around you and holding your head up high, you felt happy that you had done something brilliant. You had begun your very own business. Your hard work was finally paying off.


But then it happened. Monday morning would arrive, and you would dread getting out of bed. With the same feelings you used to have when you ‘worked for the man,’ you would rather do anything but start work for the day. Your enthusiasm waned, and you regretted the day you began your business in the first place.


But why? There may still be time to renew your love for your business. So if you have been thinking of giving up, curb the temptation, for the moment at least.


Think about the reasons why you are starting to hate your business.


If you are starting to lose customers, consider why, and think about the way you connect with them. It’s all about communication, and you can use the greater reaches of the Internet to find out why they are disappearing from view. You may need to up your marketing, as well as look at your business rivals to see if they are doing anything better than you. If so, ruin your competitors’ day for a change, and do something to win back the customers who used to love you.


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If your business day has become laborious, we feel your pain. There are a 101 things you need to do in the day, and you may well feel you don’t have enough time to complete everything. Well, take stock of what you are doing, and start to prioritise. Do the important things first, and leave anything less essential to another day. Start saying ‘no,’ rather than saying ‘yes’ to whatever offer comes your way and free up a bit of time. You might want to use an app to manage some of your workload – from business communication apps to accountancy apps, you can improve work processes. And perhaps you should take on an extra team member or outsource to another firm as well, remembering that you aren’t superhuman.


If you are running out of money, you are no doubt panicking. It may be because you have lost customers, in which case follow our previous tips. On the other hand, you may have mismanaged your money, spending too much when you first began, or spending over the odds on typical expenses. Don’t panic, help is available. It’s time to cut back your spending, find ways to reduce your business expenses, and get yourself back on track. An accountant can also help, as can accounting software you can download onto your phone. Perhaps it’s time you put your business on hold if you are approaching the red, but take any advice available to you, as you may be able to put things right.


And there may be other reasons why you hate your business, but take stock of where you are. Perhaps you need a holiday, a time to rest and put everything back into perspective. You may decide to call it quits – and that’s fine, life is too short to hold onto feelings of dread every day – but don’t be impulsive. If you can find a way to renew your love for your business … if it is worth fighting for, then don’t give up the battle just yet. Hope and light may just be around the corner.


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